Keurig just announced a HUGE recall!

Over 7.2 million Keurig brewers have been recalled due to over 200 reports of burn injuries from the machines overheating and spraying boiling water.

After receiving several complaints that water inside certain brewers boiled over, the firm issued a recall.

According to one instance, a woman had burns on her legs after coffee was sprayed from her Keurig brewer.

However, they claim that any danger of fire did not prompt this recall due to these faults. It was simply a safety precaution taken by Keurig.

The recalled Keurig brewers were sold between 2009 and 2014 in Canada & the USA.

Keurig mini

Keurig Recall Canada

  • Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System, Model Number K10

If you have the recalled brewer, Keurig will send you a free repair kit. To get your free repair kit,

Call 1-844-255-7886 for instructions on precautions and free repair kits.