China Lily Brand Soya Sauce Recall




Canadian Food Recall (Ontario) October 30th, 2018

The product being recalled – China Lily brand soya sauce is being recalled.

Reason for recall – SPOILAGE!!

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Click here for more information on this latest food product recall warning for Canada. 

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China Lily Brand Soya Sauce

This brand of sauce is dark and salty. It is made with barley or wheat and soybeans.

Soya sauce is delicious on rice, stir-fry and many other foods.

They are mostly used in Asian cuisine.

Where to buy China Lily brand products.

Find these products at places like Save-On-Foods, Walmart, Loblaws, Valuemart, Fortinos, and many more.

China Lily Soya Sauce ingredients include hydrolyzed soy and wheat protein, water, sugar, salt, caramel colour, corn starch, and sodium benzoate.


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  1. I have 3 bottles, they all have that product number, but different best before dates, does this apply?

  2. We have this product that was recalled. What’s the issue? All I see is spoilage. The bottle is half gone.

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