Dollarama Sells Pregnancy Tests (Yes in Canada) 

Who would have thought Pregnancy Tests and Dollarama would be in a single sentence? But it’s true! You will never “Have” to be forced again to pay for expensive pregnancy tests, which could add up fast if you are seriously trying to get pregnant.

Most women will use a pregnancy test at least a few times during their lifetime, whether it’s just curiosity of if you are pregnant with a late period or perhaps you are eager to find out period.

Some Ladies will use up to a pregnancy test every day after the 28th day – Those could add up quickly.


What is the price of Pregnancy tests anyhow?

Walmart Pregnancy Tests

Well, there’s a huge range just using the online shopping application. As you can see above – You can spend anywhere from $7.47 for a single-use No Name pregnancy test to $10.54 for one of the top brands for a test.

Dollarama Online Canada

Yes, Dollarama is Online and Ships within Canada. They don’t have a huge selection like other stores, but there is one catch: you need to purchase quantities by the case.

And Guess What?

Dollarama Online carries pregnancy tests.

You will have to purchase in the bulk of 24 pregnancy tests for $84.00, which works out to $3.50 for each test.

Click Here to View ( I had to see it with my own eyes)

If you decide to shop online with Dollarama, it will cost $9.99 for a flat shipping rate, or you can pick it up at your local Dollarama store for FREE.

I am sure it is probably cheaper in the actual store of Dollarama, but regardless it’s a cost saver. Why pay Drugstore Prices when you can pay “Dollar Store” prices?

Science of Pregnancy Tests

Regardless of the brand name, the science is all the same; the only difference between brand names is “readability,” so if you are “Late,”  any pregnancy test will work. But if you are trying to see if you are pregnant after a week of trying, these cheaper tests may not work as well. That is the major difference between the brands.

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Dollarama Return Policy

It would help if you always were careful when shopping with Dollarama Instore or Online because they have an “exchange, no return” policy.

You may only request a refund or exchange if the product is damaged or defective or if you ordered online – you did not receive the product you purchased.  You will need to keep your receipt to request a refund.