Purdys promo Purdy Hedgehogs are so delicious! But pricey little chocolate delights! Get Saving with the latest Purdys coupon code, and start saving on your chocolate stash! The holidays are here, and you may be hunting for a unique wonderful advent calendar to give someone this holiday season.  Purdys even has Vegan Advent calendars. There are so many beautiful gifts of chocolate, regardless of whether it’s the Christmas season or not!

The Purdys Chocolate Factory in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a tiny family business. Italian immigrants who came to Canada from Sardinia in the early 1900s founded the company. Their original revenue stream was limited to mail-order sales of chocolate-covered cakes and other baked products. Still, since then, they have expanded their line of goods to include more chocolate products, well-known tasty milk chocolate Hedgehogs, and specialty chocolates.

Purdys Promo Code & Chocolate Discounts! 

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  • Christmas Village Advent Calendar Pack $63.00
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar $25
  • Winter Village Hanging Advent Calendar $23
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All chocolate lovers love these gourmet chocolates

Mix and Match Chocolate Promotions

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  • 3 for $7 – save $0.50 on multiples of 3 (regular price $7.50)
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  • 3 for $15.00 – save $0.75 on multiples of 3 (regular price $15.75)

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Purdys Chocolatier:

Who can’t resist Purdy’s chocolate?

I love their chocolates, and I love them so much. I only will purchase purdy’s for Christmas! My thighs would not handle it if I ate too many sweets!

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Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser

purdys chocolate fundraising

If you have a kid in school, or perhaps your kid is involved in a sport or a club. We all know all these groups are constantly raising money for something, and Well, Purdy’s has its Fundraiser program, where your group can earn a percentage when you pull off a group. Purdy’s gives you all the tools and helps you guide your group into helping your group make a bit of extra money.

Year-round fundraising can earn your group 50% of total profits, and if your group wants to do a fundraising campaign at 25% of the profit.

Purdys Advent Calendar

Purdys Advent Calendar

Every Year usually in Mid to Late October, Purdys will come out with their yearly Advent Christmas Calendars! You can expect to pay $23 – $25 for each Advent Calendar. You will get 24 pieces of chocolate regardless of it’s regular chocolate or vegan chocolate.

Is Purdy a Canadian company?

Yes, it is! The company is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

How long does Purdy’s chocolate last?

Approximately 3-4 weeks if stored at a temperature of 20 degrees Celcius. You can freeze them if you think you won’t consume them immediately.

Does Purdys have vegan chocolate?

They have just come out with a vegan chocolate selection – see your local store for details.

Is Purdy’s chocolate nut-free?

Only if the box says Nut-free. They have a nut-free selection, so be sure you are getting a box of Nut-Free.

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