This Year especially Canadians, are all looking for ways to Save a Loonie.  It’s always a fun challenge to find creative ways to save money. But here at, we provide you with ways to save money via FREE Samples, Print Coupons, Promo Codes and, of course, fun ways to win FREE items, perhaps.

Are you one of those people that have hard time saving Money? Well, here are a few ways to start saving a loonie a day.  Below you will find some creative ways to start keeping a simple dollar per day. This is a comprehensive list to help you begin to save money.

An Old Quote: Well, from my dad along time ago

Save up the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Perhaps this list can help you get started on some of the more “Standard Ways to Save Money…..

30 Ways to Save a Loonie Per Day 


  1. Take homemade coffee to work and skip Tim Hortons drive-through
  2. Take your can or bottle of pop to work and skip the vending machines.
  3. Pack your lunch vs eating out each day.
  4. Find a free ebook on Amazon vs purchasing one.
  5. Carpool when possible
  6. Eat a Meatless Dinner once per week or more.
  7. Go to the movies on a cheap night vs opening movie night.
  8. Youtube on how to fix or do things before hiring out
  9. Cook from Scratch vs eating out as much as possible.
  10. Use Rebates when you can
  11. Do your nails vs getting them done professionally
  12. Trade babysitting favours with friends or family vs hiring a sitter for a  night.
  13. Shop for Clothing towards the end of the Season for next Year
  14. Wash your car vs taking it to the car wash
  15. Menu plans your meals ahead of time.
  16. Avoid taking children grocery shopping
  17. Avoid purchasing snacks at convenience stores  – you are better off stopping at the grocery store for pop and chips.
  18. Go to Garage sales for toys and great second-hand baby & kids Clothing – books vs purchasing new.
  19. Purchase a water timer for watering your grass
  20. Only wash Clothing when you have 3/4 or more of a load.
  21. Only use the dishwasher for your dishes when you have a full load.
  22. Go to Swap meets in your area for kids’ sports equipment.
  23. Turn your thermostat a degree lower.
  24. Pay your bills on time to avoid penalty fees.
  25. Stock up on exceptional sale items for Groceries
  26. Coupon when possible when buying groceries or eating out
  27. Run your AC only when you need to – open a window and use a fan
  28. Shop around for all of your insurance needs 1x per Year to ensure you are getting the best deal.
  29. Phone your Cell Phone Company and make sure you are on the right plan for the best usage of service
  30. Phone around for best Credit Card rates or points value

Creative Ways to Save More

Save a Loonie - 30 Ways to Save a Dollar a Day! | save a loonie

 Begin Today a Price Book – Knowing the price of things at the best price can easily save you more than a loonie per week – This is a great way to shave off an easy $10.00 or more off your grocery bill.

Use Cash Back Mobile Apps such as Checkout 51 or Caddle for approximately another $5.00 per month.

Make the Best Purchase once – HUH? Yes, do your best to find the perfect product for your problem.  This summer, I ended up purchasing three different Harnesses for my dog. I should have taken him to the pet store the first time to find the best fit for a Harness that would not allow him to pull.

Use the True Dollar Stores: Dollerarama is one! Everything is $1.25 or less! Great for items like containers, Hair elastics, and outdoor tablecloths. Oh and Purchases Spices ( You can’t pay in any grocery store less than that even with a coupon)

Please don’t buy a New Car: New Cars/Trucks lose too much value the day you remove them off the lot. Dealerships make it easier to purchase “NEW” with incentives, but when you sit and do the math – it’s always a money saver to buy a “NEW TO YOU” car.  And don’t be fooled by the 80 months or the term bi-weekly – Start adding up your payments with a total overall cost.

Cut the Cord! Go TV Free: The are so many streaming abilities to catch television shows. I am currently saving $65 per month, and once I figure out my streaming costs vs Satellite Tv.  See How to Get American Netflix