Budget Tip: Get your Gillette Razors to Last Longer! |


Gillette razors can eat up a massive part of your personal care items budget, so it is essential to make them last as long as you can. A dull razor is a shaving accident waiting to happen.  While disposable razors are super convenient, they have risen in cost in recent years. In this post, I will show you ways to make your razors last longer and therefore eliminating the need to buy them so often.  Follow these tricks, and you could make them last twice as long!

Budget Tip: Get your Gillette Razors to Last Longer! |

 10 Ways To Make Gillette Razors Last Longer

1.  Prepare the area to be shaved. It is better to do your shaving after cleaning your face or your body with warm water and even to exfoliate if you can. This way, you are getting your hairs softened and removing dead skin that may cause resistance, thus allowing the blade to glide more smoothly without tearing it up.


2. Rinse out frequently. You will help your razor retain it’s sharpness by keeping as much “gunk” off of it as you can. Rinse after each swipe and run water on the top and bottom. Make sure to get as much debris out so more cream and hair can pass through the razor’s back.


3. Store your blade away from moisture. This may seem like a silly suggestion considering you use it with water, but water can also break down the blade faster as well. Storing it in the bathroom only leaves it exposed to moisture in the air. Also, keep the little plastic top on it to keep it from getting extra stuff stuck in it and for safety’s sake.


4. Along with storing it in a dry area, you should wipe your blades down after use and dry them. Alternatively, you can just use your hairdryer to dry it for a few minutes.


5. Use baby oil to condition the blades. Simply rub some on with a dry cloth after you have dried it down, and your blade with be conditioned and protected. It will also help it glide easier when you use it. You can buy a travel size sprits bottle in most big-box stores that are perfect for this purpose as well.


6. Sharpen your Gillette razors with a pair of old jeans. (say, what?!) Just save a couple and cut several rags out of it. When you are ready to sharpen, use the DRY razor and run it up and down the jean material a few times in both an up and down direction. Don’t apply too much pressure. You don’t need to shred the jeans to get the effect.


7. You can help your Gillette razors last longer by storing them in rubbing alcohol. While moisture from water is terrible, rubbing alcohol will preserve them, and as a bonus, it will sterilize them for the next use.


8. Don’t use a razor to cut a beard or your pubic area if you have not shaved the area in a while. Longer hair gets stuck in the blades, and more importantly, it can bend the fine blades on the razor. Instead, trim with small scissors before shaving.


9. Use shaving oil. Both men and women can use shaving oil for their shaving needs. Shaving oil puts a layer of slippery protection between your skin and shaving gel. The smoother gliding action will make your razor last a lot longer as it doesn’t “catch” as quickly.


10. Use an old toothbrush to clean out the areas that have stuck on debris. If you can’t get it off, try a little alcohol on it. Soak for 5 minutes and then rinse.

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