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Cheetah did a fabulous series on Couponing in Canada back in January of this year. And I really thought it should be all together, so all the new people in the coupon world can learn and comment of what they have learned!

Coupons for Beginners – Cheetah Introduces you to coupons

Coupon Websites – Cheetah Discusses her favorite websites to find new coupons that are mailed to you.

How to Find Coupons – Cheetah discusses “other ways” to get coupons from companies

Tricks of the Trade Cheetah talks about maximizing your coupon savings. Turn that 50 cents into $1.00

Learn to Sort and Keep Coupons Organized – Cheetah talks about sorting your coupons and shows you via a youtube video her personal binder

Coupon Abbreviations – Cheetah discusses the Coupon Lingo