Silk Canada 

Looking to ditch dairy but don’t want to compromise on taste and quality? Silk Canada has got you covered with Silk Coupons.

Their range of lactose-free products doesn’t skimp on flavour, and now you can save on them with exclusive coupons made just for Canadians.

From creamy coffee creamer to almond, cashew, and oat milk, there’s a Silk product to suit every taste preference.

Silk Coupons Canada

Do you enjoy Silk products such as Almond Milk?  You will enjoy the savings available with Silk Coupons!

They have a new coupon for you to try out below.

  • Save $2.00 on the purchase of any Silk Probiotic Yogurt

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    Silk Almond Milk and Cashew

    Choice of Sweetened or Unsweetened.  These are my personal favourites for adding to my dairy-free diet.  I love the Vanilla Sweetened almond milk.  Add some fruit and protein powder  – It makes a quick, easy-to-go breakfast.  The Silk Cashew Milk is also one of my go-to drinks.  I am so in love with chocolate.



    SILK came out with a new product: NextMilk –The New Plant-based drink! Welcome to the future of plant-based with Silk NextmilkTM, a delicious blend of oats, soy and Coconut. Plants have never tasted so good! Use it everywhere, like milk; add a dash to your coffee, bake it, splash it on cereal or sip from a glass. Our delicious plant-based beverage is so tasty and creamy; you won’t even believe it (+ it’s 100% kitchen approved!)

    Silk Barista

    Silk Coconut beverages

    Silk Canada also has Coconut Milk beverages.  Available in Original and Sweetened.  Made with natural Coconut, and is divine for those who love coconut milk’s taste.

    Silk Coffee Creamer:

    The best thing about Silk Coffee Creamer is Soya makes it.  So if your lactose is intolerant and you miss out on the flavoured creamer, try out this brand and see how you enjoy it.

    • It’s also GMO-FREE

    Other Health Benefits: 

    • No saturated fat
    • No cholesterol
    • Dairy-Free
    • Gluten-Free
    • Peanut free
    • No artificial flavouring

    Silk has been around for more than 20 years so far.

    Philosophy: start with ingredients that are grown responsibly and close to nature.

    Silk Recipes:

    On the Silk Website, they have many recipes – Try them today.