Shaving can get expensive, but you can start saving with Gillette Coupons, see below to find how you can save.

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How to find Gillette Coupons

Cashback with Gillette Shaving Products

If you’re looking at ways to save on Gillette Shaving products, I’ll show you how right now!

Cashback is similar to coupons – except you save in one shot every time you reach $20.00

Gillette also seems to enjoy using the Rebate Mobile Apps in 2023 – the best cashback app for this brand is Checkout51 


Tear Pad Coupons!

Check out stores like Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall for your best chance at finding shaving products on coupons.


Optimum Point Coupons

Check out your optimum point offers, you may get lucky and have points to use as savings like a coupon, but you can always Checkout PGEveryday to see if they have partnered up with Walmart or Save on Foods for this week!  You may also want to check out all your local Loblaw stores for optimum points offers like No Frills or RCSS. Flyers change out on Thursdays.

How to Find Savings on Gillette Razors with or without Coupons

Regular shaving is a vital aspect of maintaining daily hygiene for countless individuals. However, the cost of Gillette razors can quickly add up if not managed wisely. To help you navigate those moments when you run low on razors, here are some valuable tips to remember.

Comparison Shop

Before purchasing your grooming supplies, it’s worth doing online comparison shopping. Websites like Amazon or Walmart offer competitive prices and frequently offer special offers or Gillette coupon codes. Alternatively, you can use platforms like Flipp and Reebee to check out flyers for great deals.

Look for Coupons in Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers and magazines abound with advertisements from various retailers, presenting enticing coupons. Take a moment to peruse the Sunday paper or browse through the periodicals at home to uncover potential Gillette coupons.

Buy in Bulk

Learn how to save money on personal care products with special deals at Shoppers Drug Mart and Costco. Keep an eye out for back-to-school packages and bonus items to help you cut costs while getting the needed products.

Join Rewards Programs

To stay informed about sales and discounts on Gillette products, consider enrolling in rewards programs offered by different retailers. These programs are available both online and at nearby stores. For example, Proctor & Gamble’s Pampers Rewards program includes exclusive points dedicated to Gillette razors and more. Stay updated and make the most of these offerings!

Get Refills Instead Of Replacements

Instead of purchasing entirely new razors whenever one becomes dull, consider exploring the option of getting refills. By replacing only the blade cartridge instead of the entire handle, these refills are usually significantly more cost-effective compared to buying brand-new ones.

Go Reusable

    If all else fails, consider switching to reusable razors instead, which require replacing heads less frequently and don’t need disposing of after use like traditional disposable types do


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