Venus Razors Coupons: Save $2.50 In Total

New Venus Coupons for Canada.

Here are the following coupons you can print for Venus Canada Razor Products

  • Save  $.50 off any ONE Venus Shave Gel
  • Save $2.00 off any ONE Venus Gillette Razor Blade Refill OR Refillable Razor

Available in Print  Format Only

Venus Coupons expiry date is unknown, while quantities last.

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Venus Canada Razor Collections:

Here’s the lineup on the various Venus Razors you can get!

What do you use?

  • Venus & Olay
  • Embrace
  • Simply Venus
  • Bikini
  • Breeze
  • Satin Care
  • Original

About & History

Gillette Venus products are designed for all ladies encouraging them to feel confident, and sexy.

Gillette Venus is the #1 female shaving brand in the year. It’s used by 40 Million women.

Gillette Venus is under the umbrella  of Procter & Gamble

Favourite Venus Razor

My ultimate favourite Razor is the Venus Olay Razor! I love the smoothness of it! I love the lather added as I shave! My legs feel so smooth when I am done! I know they can be expensive but I am now so attached I can’t use anything else!

I’ve used a few of the other Venus Series but I still go back to the Olay version of it! It’s so weird how you can get so brand fixated on stuff! What am I going to do if they discontinue it or something crazy in the future?

What do you use for a Razor? Do you have a preference at all?


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