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Latest Bic Coupon for Razors in Canada.

  • Save $3.00 on a 4-pack or larger of NEW FLEX 5 HYBRID
  • Save $2.00 on any 2-pack or larger of NEW Flex5, FLEX3, FLEX 4, HYBRID ADVANCE 3 OR HYBRID ADVANCE 4 razors

Available in Print Format Only.

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Bic Brand Of Products

There are a wide range of products that carry the Bic brand.

One of the first products that come to mind are probably Bic Pens. You see the logo and you automatically think of those black, blue, and red pens. Trusty, sturdy, and dependable, just like this company.

Bic is there when you have an everyday need. From office supplies to personal hygiene, you are sure to find the perfect product.

Bic Lighters

Another popular product that carry the Bic logo is lighters. I remember my grandfather would always have his ole Bic lighter handy just in case it was needed anytime of the day or night. When the power would go out, you could be sure that he would be the first to pull out that trusty lighter and grab some candles.

Bic For Her

Okay, okay…the older version of Bic Pens are a little…how shall I say it? Manly. Yes, the blue, red, and black ink screams MANLY MAN!!! Trusty and dependable yes, but pretty and feminine? Ummm….no.

That`s why Bic came up with a whole line of pens just for us ladies. It is called Bic For Her. How cute is that?! These pens come in super cute colors like pink, purple, and other feminine colours. The Cristal pen is shaped to fit a woman’s more delicate hand. Well, you get the point. I don’t think my hand is all that delicate when it comes to pen choice, but I will purchase a pretty pink pen before I purchase a boring looking pen, that`s for sure.

Bic as thought of it all. They continue to introduce new and exciting products on a regular basis. You have not seen the last of this innovation, I can assure you of that.



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