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About The Schick Brand

Schick is a brand of mens and womens razors, that is owned by Energizer.  The Schick brand was founded in 1926 by a man named Jacob Schick. In 1928 he sold he Schick brand to start a company with his newly invented electric shavers.
Today Schick is the second highest in razor sales world wide, after Gillette. Schick brand razors and shaving gel is used in North America, Australia, Asia and Russia.

Schick Product List

  • Schick FX Diamond
  • Schick Quattro
  • Schick Quattro Power
  • Schick Quattro Titanium
  • Schick Quattro for Women
  • Schick Hydro
  • Schick Hydro 5
  • Schick Hydro 3
  • Schick Hydro Silk
  • Schick Hydro 5 Power Select
  • Schick Intuition
  • Schick Protector
  • Schick Slim Twin
  • Schick Tracer
  • Schick Tracer FX
  • Schick Xtreme3
  • Schick XTreme3 Disposable
  • Schick XTreme3 SubZero

Schick makes razors for both men and Women! They have a huge selection of types of razors for both sexes!  Their biggest competitor is Gillette 

Whats your favorite Schick Razor?  

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