Coupon trading works like this: you trade with someone else for coupons you need, and then you can use those coupons to get the products you want! This means no more throwing out coupons or forgetting about the coupons until they expire.

There are several ways you can start coupon trading online and let all of Canada be your trading post.

You can do Coupon Trains Locally or Do Virtual Wish Lists online,

What is coupon trading?

In a nutshell, coupon trading is exchanging coupons for coupons, whether in person or by mail. The idea is to get coupons you can use and help others get the coupons you may not have any use for.

Back in 2009, when Extreme Couponing was on TV, the coupon craze hit Canada in Early 2010, and couponing got a bit crazy at the time, with Large coupon binders, and people taking the entire pads of coupons, and coupon trading was a HUGE thing, Coupon trains and more. It got so crazy some people were demanding gift cards in exchange for coupons!

About Coupon Trading

How to Start Coupon Trading

Coupons have become a popular way to save money when shopping. The more you collect coupons, the more coupons you have in your binder, the more significant your grocery store checkout savings. However, finding coupons to match up with your desired product can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Some stores seem to have more Tear Pad coupons than other stores and range from community to community, so reach out to others nearby to watch for tear pad coupons in store.

Learn how to Get started in Coupon Trading - so you can acquire more coupons of what you actually use and to help you save money where you purchase!

Get Family & Friends to Collect Coupons

Let your friends and family know about coupons, and let them know your wish list from their newspaper, or ask family members to apply for coupons online for you, so you can get doubles and triples of coupons for items you use.

Start a Coupon Trading Club in your city

Consider Staring a coupon trading club in the area you live. It is a great way to learn more about coupons, and meet people who are also into couponing.

Online Coupons Trading

Sourcing online coupon trading groups on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms are also prevalent as a way of coupon trading online, and to find new people with the same desire to find an other trader. Its also a great way to find coupons that are not accessible in your area.

Coupon trading - coupon cutter islice safety cutter

2020 – Expect to Verify with Photos on Coupons 

Most People will eventually want you to show proof of the coupons at a point in the process of a way to trade coupons So be aware you should have a camera or smartphone to upload photos to Facebook Messenger.

Coupon trading etiquette:

Some etiquette includes some obvious behavior, Fulfill your part of the trade, The trade should be of the same value, and not contain expired coupons, and make sure you have enough postage for the trade to make sure the person gets the coupon ASAP, so they can begin coupon savings by matching with store flyers.

Finding Canadian Coupons to Trade

  • Finding Coupons – We have a full article on How to Find more Coupons
  • Watch your Mailbox for direct coupons,
  • Grocery Store Coupon Board ( RCSS)
  • Tear Pad coupons found in Store Aisles
  • Product Packaging ( cereal, frozen foods)
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Mailed Coupons from Websaver,

Even in 2021, you will still find many paper coupons, mostly in the Store Aisles and coupon boards, and are not as plentiful as ten years ago, since many manufactures have turned to cashback offers, as well as in house rebates

Physical Trading Coupons is still a great way to save money even with all the changes online

Coupon Train and Coupon trading

Get on a Coupon Train

Coupons for trains need a few traders with extra coupons, and the “Train Conductor” who starts the train has numerous more coupons to distribute. You will have rules to obey as the Train Starter individual, and be ready to offer additions to the train when your turn comes up.

A few rules you will usually find with coupon trains, and virtual wish train.

  1. Redemption Canadian Addresses only
  2. You should have many coupons before joining
  3. it does cost money to send out the train envelope for many traders
  4. Long expiry dates on coupons. ( 45 days +)
  5. Read wish lists of the train passenger and conductor and fulfill where you can
  6. Mail out the envelope to the next rider ASAP.

Coupon trading & Coupon Trains

How a Coupon Train Works Generally

Each Train’s rules may vary and will have its own rules. But most train conductors will get people to add a Wish list of coupons add to the envelope

An Envelope full of coupons will be sent to the first rider of the train, and they will look through it, and take out coupons of what they would like, and then add coupons ( check other’s wish lists) and send them to the next rider.

Starting A Virtual Wish List ( online trade coupons way)

Begin by making a list of current and future coupons that you’d be willing to trade or give away for new ones. You’ll usually want to gather both high-value coupons, especially if you’re searching for specific high-value coupons. This is a great way to Swap coupons, as you can find a specific coupon and get exactly what you want in a trade , Its also a great way to potentially get more of the same coupon.

Coupon Acronyms

Coupon Acronyms - Get Started on Coupon Trading & Coupon Trains

Understanding the lingo of online coupons might be difficult for a novice coupon trader, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequent coupon abbreviations to get you started.

  • CPN = Coupon
  • FPC = Free Product Coupon
  • Exp = Expiry Date
  • GC = Gift Card
  • Peelie = Coupon on package
  • POP = Proof of Purchase
  • MIR = Rebate
  • PM = Price Match
  • BOGO = Buy One Get One

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