Are you a loose tea fan? Then get ready to use the latest Davids tea promo code.

This David’s Tea has a wide selection of flavoured loose leaf tea; they seem to have it all, whether black, green, or herbal, including popular Cold 911 Tea, one of their best-selling loose leaf teas. We want to help save you money with David’s Tea and try to highlight some of the better tea promo codes for you.

With the frequent steeper program, we’ll show you the latest coupon code for free shipping, gifts, and free leaf teas.

Davids Tea Promo Code

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Shipping package

David’s Tea Online Store: Shipping and Returns

Depending on your location across Canada, the deal free shipping may take up to five business days if you watch out for an exclusive Davids tea promo code for free shipping. Or, if you spend more than $50.00 online, you will automatically get FREE shipping.

The Return Policy is accessible – Davids tea will let you return your order for a store credit or exchange, but you must return the teas within 30 days. Remember this for black Friday.


Promo Code on Mobile Phone

David’s Tea Canada Coupon Codes 2021

DavidsTea has some of the best tea accessories for selection in Canada. The tea flavours they carry throughout the year are delicious. The savings you can have for Davids Tea include a free tin, gifts, sales and tea promo codes.

Get a 10% off coupon code for in-store and online purchases with your Student Price Card.



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Best Tea Store

Davids Tea is one of the largest tea stores around. The most popular Tea of Davids is the Cold911 and Matcha Tea. I love their pumpkin tea in the fall, or you can even have chocolate tea, but I find it weird in a cup of Tea. Try the new tea matcha, which is gaining popularity this year, known for its health benefits.

Frequent Steeper is a great Program! This Rewards program is excellent if you have a mall nearby and can order and drink lots of Tea. Plus, stop in the store and get the deal-free cup of Tea when you stop in!

The Davids Tea Advent Calendar is hugely popular during Christmas as it offers a box of various tea sample packages and tea accessories.

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Loose Tea with Davids Tea Tins

Loose Leaf Tea!

The great thing about loose Tea or tea bags is it’s all compostable and natural for the environment.

Don’t forget to shop online with the above David’s Tea promo code to save money on your tea addiction. Plus, get a free tin, which is great to enjoy or use as a gift. You can reuse the containers and fill them with your last loose teas to be environmentally.

The Frequent steeper tea rewards loyalty program will give you complimentary Tea.

Davids Tea Mug - Create your own design

Davids Tea mug

Davids Tea has a huge selection of Tea Mugs to Choose From! They are hugely popular with that Larger Mug tea crowd! But they also have standard teacups, and I think one of the most fabulous and trendy mugs is the Davids Tea Mug, where you can design your mug and personalize it for yourself or a loved one to use enjoy.

Watch for a 20off purchase order. Or a get1 free with purchase. You can find a Davids tea promo code about once per year for tea accessories.








Davids Tea Subscription box

David’s Tea Sampling Subscription

Get 4 Subscriptions Boxes per year. Each box will be delivered to your Canadian address per year for a single payment of $140.00. Each box is $35 and includes FREE shipping.
Get one box per season, delivered right to your door for a single payment of $140. Each box is $35 and includes free shipping!

What the Tea Subscription Box Has:

Each Subscription box is filled with goodies and not just Tea. Each box will be filled with season-appropriate teas and accessories. They will also feature up to 8 blends per Tea, equal to approximately 50 cups.

Davids Tea Advent Calendar

Davids Tea Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is one of the most popular items to purchase and gift during the Christmas Holidays! You get a sampling of 24 teas to try out for a particular person on your list.

It usually costs $40.00 and $50.00, and you will get each tea sample in reusable baby tins. The teas will range from regular black Tea to holiday blends.

15 Advent Calendars for Adults

They usually go on Pre Sale at the end of October each year! So keep your eyes posted, and you never know; you may find a  Davids tea promo code for one.