David’s Tea Frequent Steeper Program on Birthday

Get Davids Tea Birthday Points just for being you!

If you love to curl up on the couch with a soothing hot cup of tea on a cold evening, then Discover David’s tea Frequent Steeper program. It’s a great way to taste new teas available in loose-leaf tea, get unique bargains, and although you can no longer get a free cup of tea using the frequent steeper rewards as part of Davi’s Steeper rewards, You do get a Bonus of 5 points on your birthday. 

How do you sign up for Frequent Steepers at Davids?

You can either sign up online or at your local Davids Tea store.

Information you will need to provide is the following:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Enter for your Davids Tea Birthday by entering  (month & date)
  • Create a password, and activate your account.

You will earn valuable points whenever you purchase something at David’s Tea. Redeem those points on FREE TEA!!

Join David’s Tea Frequent Steeper Club Here.


David’s tea birthday Surprise

Although it’s not much of a surprise, on your birthday, when you are a Frequent Steeper Member, you will receive 5 FREE points the day of your birthday.

Perks for Frequent Steepers at Davids Tea

What rewards do David’s Tea Frequent Steeper Members get?


  1. Earn 1 point for every Canadian Dollar you spend online or in the physical Davids tea store; For every 100 points, you can choose a complimentary loose-leaf tea in 50 grams. Once you hit the 100-point mark, your reward will appear n 24 hours; you will then have to redeem your points within 365 days ( one year)
  2. Birthday Rewards – it’s no longer FREE tea on your birthday, but they will give you 5 points on your birthday, at least online.
  3. If you spend more than $400 a year on tea with Davids, you end up in a NEW rewards program VIP, and you will get more exclusive deals, promos, and more free tea.

Not Included in Rewards points

  • Purchasing Gift Cards does not apply to rewards.  Even though you earn a point for every dollar you spend, it does Exclude gift card purchases,
  • If you don’t live near a Davids tea store and earn free rewards, you will still need to pay for free loose-leaf tea shipping.
  • Excludes Matcha teas for rewards

How do I earn points?

The only way to earn points with Frequent Steeper from Davids is to spend money and have your rewards card handy.  You can shop in-store and make purchases by providing them with your physical card or your email address to find your account.

Get 5 points on your Davids tea birthday surprise when you create an account and enter your birthday month and day.

Or shop online 

If you do not earn enough points to make it to the VIP Exclusive rewards within the 12 months, you will reset and be back down to a regular Frequent Steeper status.

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Davids Tea birthday

Davids Tea History

David’s Tea in Canada is well-known. They are different from the other places because they sell organic teas from all around the world. Davids Tea sells a wide selection of teas with a variety of flavours so that they can please every taste and preference.

Davids Tea is environmentally friendly. They use reusable tins that are good for the environment. What they do is different from what other companies do because theirs is better for the environment and more sustainable.

David’s tea is devoted to high-quality customer service.

They started serving the world’s finest teas in 2008 when David Segal opened his first store in Toronto.

Five years later, they hold more than 40 stores in Canada and the united states. They offer more than 150 types of tea, including black and green tea, herbal and exotic infusions and a lot more… Tea tasting is fun, healthy, and free! So, Be there!