Chatime Rewards Program For Canada

Have you heard of the Chatime Rewards Program? If not, you are going to want to pay close attention to this blog post.

How Does The Program Work?

The more drinks you purchase at a Chatime location, the more points you earn. Add up those points and redeem them for free beverages.

Earn 1 point for every drink you purchase at a participating Chatime location (excludes promotionally priced drinks). Reach 100 Lifetime Points to become a Chatime Elite Rewards member!

Chatime Rewards Program Free Birthday Drink | Chatime Rewards Program

Q. What are lifetime points?
A. Lifetime points to track the total number of points you have earned since you’ve joined the program.

Q. How do I join?
A. You can register for a Rewards Card at any of our Ontario locations, just ask our staff when you make a purchase. Membership is free, just make sure to give them your mobile number so that you can check your points balance online.

Q. How do I check my points?
A. Visit and enter your cell phone number. We will return details on your points to you via text message. You can also check your point balance by registering for an account with Vicinity.

Earn just 10 points, and you receive the following;

  • One free regular-sized drink with one complimentary topping
  • PLUS
  • FREE birthday drink! Register your birthday with us and your birthday offer will be automatically loaded onto your card seven days before your birthday!
  • To try our feature Chatime Tea of the Month™ drink that is picked and handcrafted by our Tearistas at an exclusive price!

How Cool Is That?! You are buying beverages anyway, why not earn points to redeem on future purchases.

Click here to sign up for Chattime Rewards now. Earn free stuff!!!

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Free Sample

    Drinks you will find at your local Chatime location include;

    • SIGNATURE MILK TEA – our world-famous milk tea
    • SPECIAL MIX TEA –fruity green and black tea
    • FRESH TEA / TEAPRESSO- specialty tea brewed-to-order
    • MOUSSE / TEA LATTE- savoury mousse-topped drinks
    • QQ JELLY  – includes pearl and coconut jelly
    • SMOOTHIE / SLUSH –specialty drinks blended with ice
    • ENERGETIC MIX – classical Taiwanese health drinks
    • COFFEE  –freshly brewed coffee drinks

    Chatime brews 100% real tea. They use high-quality tea leaves. No branches or pieces of the plant. There are 12 types of tea leaves that they use to create some of these delicious beverages.

    This brand has been around for over 30 years.