I am unsure how many franchises are out there, with plans for points etc. But We’ll go through a few of the ones I am somewhat familiar with. To find the best Reward programs at gas stations – you need to look at your purchases and see if you want food or if you want to save on gasoline alone.  Canadianfreestuff wants to help save you money with Reward Programs!

All The Best Gass Station Rewards Canada


Best Gas Station Rewards Canada |

Esso Extra: Earn points every time you spend money at the pumps.   You will receive about 1 point for every $1.00 you spend.

PC Optimum Points – Accepted at Mobil Locations!

  • Swipe your Esso Extra card when you purchase at any Esso station, and you’ll earn one or more Esso Extra points for every single ‡ dollar you spend.

Extra Esso Gas Station Rewards

  • Save 2.5 Cents per litre on select offers.

Best Gas Station Rewards Canada |

Petro Points at Petro Gas Stations Rewards

At Petro gas Stations, you earn points for your gas fill-up and points when you purchase merchandise from their store.

Collect 10 points for every litre of fuel purchased
Collect 10 points for every dollar spent in-store or on car wash
Every 1,000 Petro-Points redeemed = $1 off fuel, in-store or car wash

Redeeming Points:

  • Gas Purchase: $1.00 Gas Reward = 2000 points.  So a $10.00 Gas Reward would cost 20,000 points.
  • 591 ml Of Pepsi = 2300 points.

So to use a dollar from your rewards is 1000 points.

To Get to 1000 points with gas alone would take you 250 litres of gas to gain back a dollar, with current gasoline prices being over $1.00 per litre. You would need to spend  $250.00 on gas before you could save $1.00 on gas.

Use Your Royal Bank Card in Combination to save 3 Cents per Liter off-


Best Gas Station Rewards Canada |

Airmiles: Shell Gas Stations as Rewards

  • 1 AIR MILES® reward mile on a minimum 15-litre fuel purchase in a single transaction*
  • • 1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every $10 purchased in-store in a single transaction

Redeeming Miles: From what I’ve read on the Airmiles forum in the past, each air mile is worth an average of 30 cents, depending on what you redeem for.

Also, with Airmiles, you can collect from various stores and restaurants, making earning rewards faster.  And also, Air miles has a large variety of prizes you can redeem for.


Best Gas Station Rewards Canada |

PC Optimum Points Rewards Program at Gas Stations

Loblaws Grocery Stores Gas Bar:  Not sure where these are all located.

Earn PC Optimum points when you fill up with Synergy™ fuel at Mobil™ stations in Canada

PC Optimum Points – Accepted at Mobil Locations! – Earn Rates Vary – Check your store for details.


Also, you can get free rewards when using your PC Mastercard.

Best Gas Station Rewards Canada |

Triangle Rewards Program accepted at Gas Stations.

Canadian Tire gas Bar: Located across Canada.  Only specific Canadian Tire Stores have Gas Bars.  You can collect Canadian Tire Money for every purchase of gas.  I think the return rate is 5 cents per litre in the form of Canadian Tire Money.  Canadian Tire does not Expire. I can only use the money at Canadian Tire.  Watch for Bonus Coupons for the Gas Bar when you can earn 5x or better.


Best Gas Station Rewards Canada |

Husky Gas Bars  – Rewards Program

Husky Gas Bars can be located across Canada.

Register to receive 300 bonus points, plus 200 more points if you subscribe to emails.

  • Earn 1 Point Per litre spent at Husky Gas Stations
  • Earn 2 Points per Dollar Spent in Store or at Car Wash

Redeem for Coffee and other tangible gifts such as car washes.


Best Gas Station Rewards Canada |

Costco Gas Bar: Best Gas Station for Price

It is often known to have the cheapest gas around. Sometimes as high as 7 cents below others.  You must have a Costco Membership. Dollars spent on gas contribute to your 2% cashback.


Which plan do you use?  Have I missed one?