Incentive Plans at the Gas Pumps

Incentive Plans at the Gas Pumps

I am not sure how many franchises are out there, with plans for points etc. But We’ll go through a few of the ones I am somewhat familiar with.

Esso Extra: Earn points every time you spend money at the pumps.   You will receive about 1 point for every $1.00 you spend.

Redeeming your points: Few examples.

  • Free Lottery Ticket = 160 points
  • $10 Gas Card = 1800 points
  • 591 ml Coke = 220 points

So Redeeming equals out to about 100 points =$1.00 value or less.

And Another Card

Extra Esso Rewards

  • Save 2.5 Cents per liter on select offers

Petro Points

At Petro gas Stations, you earn points for your gas fill up as well as points when you purchase merchandise from their store.

20 Points for every $1.00 you spend inside the store. Hit Bonus Items as well to earn more.

Gas Points are a little more confusing, as it is based on points per liter and each gasoline type has a different amount.

For Regular Gas and diesel purchases:  5 points per liter.  30 liters would bring in 150 points

Redeeming Points:

  • Gas Purchase: $1.00 Gas Reward = 2000 points.  So a $10.00 Gas Reward would cost 20,000 points.
  • 591 ml Of Pepsi = 2300 points.

So to use a dollar from your rewards is 1000 points.

To Get to 1000 points with Gas alone would take you 250 liters of gas to gain back a dollar.  With current prices of gasoline being over $1.00 per liter. You would need to spend  $250.00 on gas before you could save $1.00 on gas.

Use Your Royal Bank Card in Combination – Debit and or Credit Cards to Save more  – You must sign up using Royal Bank 

Airmiles: Shell Gas Stations.

Earn 1 air mile for the first $20 spent, and gain an additional 1 air mile on the reminder of each $30 spent on the same transaction.

You can also earn bonus air miles inside Shell convenient stores when purchasing specially marked items.

Redeeming Miles: From what I’ve read on the Airmiles forum in the past is that each air mile is worth average 30 cents, depending on what you redeem for.

Also with Airmiles, you can collect from a variety of stores and restaurants, so it makes earning rewards faster.  And also Air miles has a large variety of prizes you can redeem for.


No Frills Gas Bar:  Not sure where these are all located. But you get 2 or 3 cents per liter back in form of a coupon instantly upon fueling up.  These coupons are only redeemable at No Frills grocery stores.  So usually you can get between sixty cents and a $1.20 in a form of a coupon.  Coupons have a somewhat short expiry date. Also, you can get free rewards when using your PC Mastercard

Canadian Tire gas Bar: Located across Canada.  Only specific Canadian Tire Stores have Gas Bars.  You can collect Canadian Tire Money for every purchase of gas.  I think the return rate is 5 cents per liter in the form of Canadian Tire Money.  Canadian Tire does not Expire. Can only use the money at Canadian Tire.  Watch for Bonus Coupons for the Gas Bar when you can earn 5x or better.

Costco Gas Bar:

Is often known to have the cheapest gas around. Sometimes as high as 7 cents below others.  Must have a Costco Membership. Dollars spent on gas contribute to your 2% cash back.

Which plan do you use?  Have I missed one?



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  1. Aeroplan Miles at ESSO ends May 31, 2018
    PC Optimum points at ESSO begins June 01, 2018

    myHusky Rewards at Husky stations
    Pioneer Bonus Bucks at Pioneer stations

    PS: Sorry if I have duplicate comments. No indication previous comments accepted.

  2. I think Husky has some sort of points or rewards program as well. I always fill up at Petro Canada because you can earn both Save On Rewards points and Petro points with one purchase. The Petro points can be converted to Save on points.


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