Petro Canada: Save 3 cents Per Liter with RBC PLUS a 2000 Point Survey


Free Petro Points Opportunity

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  • To Sweeten the deal you will receive 2000 petro points for joining.

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Petro Canada Deal

  • Save 3 Cents Per liter at Petro Canada Instantly when you pay with a Royal Bank Credit Card on ANY Grade of Fuel.
  • Save 3 cents per liter at the pumps when you link up your Royal Bank Card ( credit card or debit)
  • 20% more  Petro-Points3

How it Works:

When you fuel up at Petro-Canada you can save 3¢ per litre just by paying with an RBC Credit Card instantly.

More Information from RBC 

Ongoing offer


Incentive Plans at the Gas Pumps

Wash And Go Card from Petro

As you have seen above you will receive a free car wash when you register your new card online.

The card will be pre-loaded with five(yes, five) of the top package car washes.

Save up to $50 when you reload this card online(must be in five car wash increments)

What I like most about the Wash And Go card is the fact that it is convenient. No more tickets to worry about. Just go to your nearest Superwash or Glide location and scan your card at the car wash and you are good to go.

Petro Points

Become a member of Petro Points and earn rewards when you make purchases.

Fuel Savings Rewards Card

Save 5¢ per liter on 200 L of fuel. You can reload your card online and redeem at the pump.


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