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New Value Village Coupon on your Birthday

  • A Special  20% off birthday discount


Club members with a valid email address and birthdate on file will receive a birthday Value Village coupon via email for 20% off a single purchase of up to $50.

A special birthday coupon of 20% off your purchase of up to $50, redeemable once during your birthday month, will be emailed and/or texted to you, provided your birthdate and a valid email address is available in your account profile before your birthday.

If you have not provided your birthdate and wish to receive your special birthday coupon during the month of your birthday, follow this link to update your account or see a cashier in your local store.

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    How to Score Big With Value Village

    There are a few tips and tricks with shopping at Value Village and other Thrift Stores if you are trying to resell stuff, but for the average consumer, like myself – I’m always looking for stuff to recycle or replace things; that I love – Retro!

    I’m sorry if it offends anyone – But I’m tired of spending money on New Stuff that breaks in a year or two; nowadays, the only way to find decently made stuff is at Thrift Stores, in my opinion, and one of those places I hit up is Value Village.

    Most Value Villages I’ve been at have a HUGE selection of Clothing! Some Houseware! Things I don’t find in most are Furniture and appliances.

    save money

    How to Save Money at Value Village

    1. Buy Only what you fall in love with

    Purchasing things you will use or wear is the most important thing when shopping at Thrift Stores. Just because you think it’s a good deal doesn’t mean you should purchase it for no reason but to have something of value.

    2. Take advantage of The Exchange Policies

    • Must be within seven days of purchase with receipt and tag attached.
    • No cash refunds exchange only.
    • You may exchange clothing, accessories, and small household items.

    3. Watch the Colour Coded Tags

    The tags at Value Village are colour-coded, meaning every colour stands for when the item arrives, and each week, there is a different coloured tag on sale. Listen for the loudspeaker or ask what colour is on sale for the day!

    4. Use the Value Village Canada Rewards program

    The Value Village in Canada Rewards Program is Called ” Savers.” The rewards program is 100% free to get. Ask the cashier for a savings card.

    Some of the perks of the Rewards Program

    • Special Value Village Coupons  just for you ( held throughout the year)
    • Members will also receive exclusive coupon offers via email.
    • Get invited to Special Store Events.
    • Birthday Discount of 20% off

    Get Started by Signing up for a Free Account 

    How do you find out how many points you have?

    You must stop by your local Value Village Store in Canada and ask the cashier to check your points and rewards balance. Or you can look at your receipt for your points total.

    Do Rewards Club members need a card?
    A card is not required for the Value Village Rewards Program. However, you can have the cashier look up your account using your email address or phone number to sign up for your Super Savers Program.

    Find a Value Village location near you.

    5. Donate to Value Village Year Round

    When you donate goods to Value Village, you will receive a coupon to Save 20% off your next purchase. 

    Value Village Canada accepts donations year-round.

    What can you donate?

    • Clothing for everyone
    • Accessories: Hats, Mitts, Scarves, Ties, Nylons, Socks, Underwear, shoes, purses, wallets, bags, jewelry
    • Bed and Bath Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Curtains, Tablecloths
    • Books  – Hardback and Paperback, Magazines
    • Videos, DVDs, Cds
    • Computer Software – not computers
    • Housewares – mugs, dishes, baskets, hand tools, pots, pans, silverware, glassware,
    • Small appliances such as toasters, blenders, coffee pots, lamps,
    • Sporting Equipment – golf clubs, balls, hockey equipment, exercise equipment
    • Toys, bikes
    • Garden tools

    What do you shop for at Value Village?

    I always try to look at the Men’s clothing section to be on the hunt for Safety workwear; many times, there are some great bargains if you can find any on the shelf.

    • Retro Stuff – I always look for Retro Stuff! I’m a bit of a geek, and I love my Hunter Green toaster!
    • Shadow Boxes and trays for the art projects I do in the winter.
    • Things for Fairy Gardens or stuff to recycle for outdoors  for the summertime
    • Cast Iron stuff – I’m always looking for unique cast iron stuff.

    Give the Gift that keeps on Giving. 

    Give the Gift that keeps on Giving! Less environmental waste, but also save some money on purchasing used. You can often find great brand-new clothing in used stores; I know Value Village is loved or hated for its prices, and I chalk this up to finding you a deal!

    If you have a loved one who loves shopping on Value Village, whether their love Vintage stuff, crafting needs, etc., a Gift Card is always a great idea.

    See a Store Near You to purchase.

    How to Find Locations:

    All over Canada
    Visit the Value Village website to find a location near you.