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Save $2.50 on your next purchase of Becel margarine(680g +)

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About Becel

Becel is a brand of margarine produced by Unilever and can be bought in various countries including Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Africa, Brazil, Germany and others.

The name Becel originates from the three letter acronym BCL (Blood Cholesterol Lowering).

Trends over the last couple of years have shown a greater demand for margarine over butter. “Becel bears the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check symbol indicating that it meets the nutrient criteria based on the recommendations of Canada’s food guide.

Becel® is the #1 margarine brand in Canada and continues in its efforts to help improve the heart health of Canadians, through heart health innovation and education.

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  1. I buy Becel Margarine for many years as I have had Heart Attacks,
    these 2 last Becel Light are having water in it after opening , this has never happen in all they years before .. ??

  2. La magarine Becel je l’ utilise chaque jour. Ma diètisiene me la conseiller parce que je fait de la chlestérole. Je l’aime beaucoup ,sur mon pain ou pour faire des déserts. merci

  3. Guirlene,
    I’m sorry but my french is a bit rusty and not sure I you are asking us to send you coupons. If you are, Please contact the company directly. Canadian Free Stuff does not provide these coupons.

  4. je n’arrive pas a imprimer le coupon,
    est ce que je pourrais avoir un pas la poste ou un lien.
    merc a l’avance


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