, Fresh Slice Rewards App (BC )

New Freshslice Pizza Rewards Application

Free to Register if you are a British Columbia Resident! Only valid if your phone area code is either “604, 250 or 778”.

Only 1 Rewards Account per Member

Each time you eat at Fresh Slice, you will get rewarded points towards the following rewards

Get 10 Freshslice Pizza Rewards Points for each dollar spent,

Redeem for the following rewards:


  • 3,000 Points  $10
  • 8,000 Points  $30
  • 14,000 Points  $60
  • 20,000 Points $100

Download Freshslice Pizza Phone Application 

Offer Ongoing

About Freshslice Pizza

Enjoy the Rage of this Pizza made with a multigrain crust and a unique sauces selection, including low-calorie sauces and baked cheese.   Also, Pizza’s are 30% larger than its competitors.

Also won the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence 3 years in a row!