Canada Day Free Printable Cupcake Topper




Celebrate Canada Day in Style!

We’ve created you these adorable little Cupcake toppers – Canada Style!

Simply Do 1 the following:

  1. Print either on white paper and glue onto construction paper or print right on White construction paper!
  2. Tape or glue onto toothpick or stick – double side if desired!
  3. Add to Cupcakes
  4. Let your guests enjoy

And you have yourself adorable cupcakes for this years Canada celebration!

Print Canada Cupcake Printables

I did up a quick batch of cupcakes for my kids this weekend, and did up a cupcake to show you how cute these can look!



I’m not a photographer, nor a fabulous baker, but love trying! If you happen to create these!

Please do send me a picture or link to it! I would love to take a look!

Cup Cake Recipes

Check out our Pinterest or some new cupcake recipe ideas including lots of frosting.




Check out the following


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