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Stores that Price Match Canada

Yes, did you know you can Price Match in Canada using your Flyers! Some stores will go above and beyond by giving you an additional percentage off if you catch a sale somewhere else and will give you money back!

The landscape has changed now when it comes to grocery shopping, and Yes, even you can price match while grocery shopping with select grocery stores that offer price matching.

Canada Grocery Stores that Price Match!

It was big news when Walmart changed their price match policy in October 2020, leaving the price-conscious grocery shoppers scrambling for a new plan. Still, a few stores took it upon themselves to promote their Price Match policy, such as certain Loblaw umbrella stores No Frills and Real Canadain Superstore.

  • No Frills Grocery Stores:  Grocery stores can be found in most provinces across Canada.
  • Real Canadian Superstore: Grocery stores can be found in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Yukon Territories.
  • FreshCo – Freshco Grocery stores are found in Ontario
  • Save on Foods – Save On Foods is a Western Canadian Grocery food Chain and has stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Yukon Territories.
  • Giant Tiger – This Department store has a decent selection of grocery items, and grocery stores can be found in most provinces across Canada.
  • Maxi – Maxi is a part of the Loblaws Chain and only has stores in Quebec.

Tips on Grocery Store Ad matching!

  • Print off their ad match policy and bring it with you.
  • Separate your groceries with the items you are planning to “Match” and do them either first or last and prepare to do them at once to make the whole transaction faster.
  • If you are unsuccessful at your attempt to match, ask for a manager

Price matching + Additional Price Difference

  • Home Depot – has a Price Match Guarantee for both online and offline and gets 10% off competitor prices.
  • Kitchen Stuff Plus will beat any competitor with an additional 10% off. Local Retailers only.
  • Lowe’s will not only price match but will beat by 10% off. 
  • Visions Electronic Store – 15% off both online and offline. Excludes Sony products.
  • Rakuten Kobo: – Will match + 10% off Digital books, including online 3 days.
  • Hakim Optical and will beat by 10% additional off!

These Canadian Retail Stores Will Price Match

  • Best Buy Canada has a price match guarantee but seems to be only purchasing in person within 30 days of purchase.
  • Canadian Tire has a price match guarantee for online Canadian retailers and a 200km radius for local stores within 30 days of purchase.
  • Staples Store – They still have a Price Match Guarantee within 14 days of purchase
  • Office Depot – will price match local competitors, within 14 days of purchase.
  • London Drugs – 15-day guarantee
  • Toys R Us – will guarantee pricing for 14 days. 
  • Hudson’s Bay Company – will price match for 7 days after purchase.
  • Giant Tiger – Ad matches both online and offline
  • The Source – Ad matches both online and offline
  • The Brick – will ad match for up to 30 days after purchase.
  • Leon’s Furniture – will match for up to 60 days after purchase.
  • Sportschek – up to 15 days and local competitors only.

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Can you price match and use a Coupon?

The short answer: Yes, usually, but always read the store’s price match guarantee before confronting a cashier about the issue if one arrives.

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  1. Thanks, Steve!
    We can only verify via their store policies which are written down, we can’t write about policies that aren’t black and white, and that’s why the list is vague. Obviously, you live in Ontario, and unfortunately, it always has in the fine print “participating stores” and other stores in other areas, and other provinces will experience something different, No frills are Individually owned, at least the one near me is, no differently than other franchises, so Not all rules apply to everyone, and we are all about “Canadian” and don’t focus on solely on “Ontario” or GTA, even though the majority of Canada lives in that zone.

    If you can find these ” Notes” as you have written online or show me a piece of paper where this is clearly written out for the public, I will change it. But I do appreciate commenting and letting others know of what your experience has been.

  2. Guys, pls update this site – Walmart has given up price matching altogether. No-frills can be very touchy on theirs BUT the good thing, they will always match Walmart, win win!! Freshco limits theirs to only 2 per match, worse than Frills… footnote, haven’t shopped at walmart ever since they dropped their price matching , more than 4 months now… they will LOSE out …spent a lot there, as many thousands more have.

  3. Everyone thinks that Superstore is much cheaper, but today I priced Fairlife skim Milk online it was $6.10 I pay $5.20 or so at Safeway or Sobeys, never ever once have I spent over 6. Then I used to buy for my grandmother her monthly drugs at Extra foods or Superstore, one item for example the no name Stool Softener was 2.99, then 3.99, then last year 3.49. This is about the time that I started going back & forth to Walmart paying same price now 3.99. Now…Superstore 9.99!! Walmart 4.99. Huge difference for 1 item, essentially when she uses 2 a month! That’s 12.00 savings for 2 items just for shopping at Walmart! Never mind Fairlife, @ Walmart 3.97 not 6.10 so we save 22.00 on 4 items. I could go on, I do not understand why Superstore is not checking their prices, as I share these experiences with everyone to make sure they know that not only r u forced into packing your own items, but they make u believe that your getting the best deal….but your getting taken for each item!

  4. Lowe’s won’t price match an on line price if it is a percentage off. Even if it shows what the regular price and sale price is. Also some items they won’t match because they say it has a different item code – even though the supplier of the product has confirmed that it is exactly the same item that they provided to Lowe’s. Lots of loop holes in Lowe’s policy and their on line customer service is so slow that you can be waiting several months before they finally get to your request and send you a flat out no with no explanation. I wouldn’t put alot of faith in their “price match” policy.

  5. No Frills will not price match Shopper’s as they do not consider it a grocery store. The same as they won’t match Giant Tiger for the same reason.
    Ok, I do see it it with Shopper’s. However GT has been open all along as the pandemic deems them a grocery store. Doesn’t make sense as Walmart is just a bigger version of GT & they match them.

  6. Recently I attempted price matching at No Frills. Several of the items were at both Independent and Real Canadian Superstore (Loblaws). No Fills flatly refused to price match anything from those stores. Loblaws is owned directly by Loblaws Ltd. and the others are subsidiaries of Loblaws. When asked why they would not price match against those stores the sales associate failed to provide an answer saying that is what they were told. I have also faced a failure to price match at Real Canadian Superstore (Loblaws).

    After looking at their corporate price matching policy I see that Loblaws stores pick and choose who they will consider their competitors. I suppose they do not see stores within their group of stores as competitors. I can guarantee that FreshCo and and Walmart are more than happy top price match their prices.

    Needless to say The Loblaws group of stores have lost my business until they get their act together and sto screwing around with their price matching policy.

  7. At this time when you should not be going from store to store I was , let’s just say upset, that FRESHCO (yes I put it in caps) would not price match a single can of coffee from Shoppers. Really I am just trying to get by and the fact that they would not take a hit for a couple of dollars when the world is in such a state, SHAME on YOU

  8. Not all stores match every store.
    For instance No Frills on Ritson Rd. Oshawa will not match Shoppers Drug Mart and Giant Tiger.


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