Why Price Matching At Wal-Mart Might not be the Best Way to Go

Why Price Matching at Walmart not be the best way to go.

There are a few stores that offer competitive pricing; one of the methods that they use to do this is to allow buyers to “Price Match.” In case you are unfamiliar with this term, it means you simply take the competitors flyer to the store at which you want to shop, and that store if they offer a price match option will then give you the same item for the competitors advertised price.

Seems like a pretty great thing doesn’t it? So why shouldn’t we do this?

Well the store that is best known for its price matching is the Multi-conglomerate Wal-Mart. Now, it’s not to say that you should not shop at Wal-Mart, because they do in fact have some great deals, even more so now that many of them have expanded themselves into Wal-Mart Super Centers, but the reason that maybe you should think twice about price matching there is that it gives Wal-Mart even more of a monopoly then it already has, and it severely hurts many local businesses, even known stores like Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Food Basics and FreshCo can’t compete with Wal-marts prices because they simply do not buy their stock in such volume.

There are 6200 Wal-Mart stores worldwide with suppliers around the globe and many in China.

Unfortunately Wal-Mart isn’t all Smiley Faces, there are many reasons why one would choose not to shop there to begin with, and these problems will only get worse with continued shopping taking away revenue from the competitors via price matching.

Firstly, Wal-Mart does not pay its employees well, as such some of the staff are not the cheeriest, nor the most well educated when it comes to product specialization; if we continue to take business away from other local venues and come instead to Walmart, that’s going to require more Wal-Marts’ to be built. This may seem like a good thing because jobs are created, but it’s not that black and white. The jobs that are created are usually filled by those who have lost their jobs due to being undersold by this company.

If you do not like to be in crowds, if the thought of lots of people flocking to one place scares you, if you’re embarrassed about what the person behind you in line will say when you throw down your stack of coupons for fear of being judged, maybe it’s better to avoid price matching all together, though Wal-Mart does offer this service, many of their staff as said before are not trained properly and as such do not know what to do in situations such as this and instead send you to customer service where you will find yourself waiting and waiting for a very minimal amount of savings.

And last but not least, even though there are many Wal-Mart locations; sometimes it’s not viable to visit them and it’s easier to get to your neighbourhood shops, with the current price of gas you have to factor in if it is worth it to drive across the city to save a few cents.



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