Huggies Rewards Program

Huggies Rewards Program



The Huggies Rewards program is a place where you can get points just for purchasing Huggies products which then allows you to use those points to get free stuff.  Also Online you can earn additional points for completing surveys on their rewards page.

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How to get Huggies Rewards points

All You need to do is visit Huggies Rewards to join the program, and you can begin earning points ( or reward codes) Also Just for Registering you will automatically start with 500 points.

Save Your Receipts! When you purchase diapers at your local store, simply save your receipt and upload a photo of it through the Rewards Site, or use the Huggies Rewards Mobile Application. When you submit your first receipt you will get double the point value.





How do Points Work?

Points vary per product. Very Similar to the Pampers Rewards Program: Example Wipes may be worth a few points, but a bonus large box of wipes may be valued at more points, same with diapers, and the amount of diapers you purchase in a single box or bag. You can always see the number of points on the package breakdown to see how many points each product is valued at.  You can point for swim pants, diapers and wipes.

Membership Perks

You can also earn points via their website by watching videos, inviting friends, take a survey, or share on social media.

 Free Stuff Available From Huggies Rewards

What Kind of free stuff can you get with the Huggies Reward Program? well, you can get Free products, free gift certificates, coupons, toys, photo books and more. There is a catalogue with all the things you can receive.

The Huggies Rewards App

There is an App for that!

You can download the Huggies Rewards Application to your phone, and get more Free points just for logging in, with no purchase necessary, plus you can also upload your receipts with your phone to get those points you received by purchasing the products, to begin with.

You may also get special coupons through the application depending on certain promotions when you reach different point levels.

How long does it take to Get Rewards?

Depending on the free item you choose, some will be emailed immediately while others may be sent in the mail. The rewards you choose if mailed should arrive in the time window of up to 8 weeks.

Who is the Rewards Program open to?

The Huggies rewards are open to parents over the age of 18 that live in Canada or the U.S.A


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