Disposable diapers have been around since 1948, and Huggies were introduced in 1978 to replace the Kimbles brand.  While they are a modern marvel and certainly controversial, recently, with the boom in cloth diapers coming back, Huggies Diapers are more useful than just putting on Jr’s behind.


Here are some ways you can use Huggies Disposable Diapers (and the leak-proof element in them) for something other than a baby’s bowel movements if you happen to have some extras around after potty training:


11 Uses for Huggies Diapers


1. Keep your fresh-cut flowers fresher, longer. Remove the small beads inside and place them in a vase. Add water and see them plump up. They will hold water in them and allow your flowers to stay hydrated longer.


2. Use them to clean up spills. Think of a diaper as a Super Paper Towel. Did you spill something big? Grab a diaper and, using it face down, wipe up that mess—no need to use 10 paper towels.


3. Give your garden an extra water boost by using a knife to cut open the inside of a Huggies Diaper and allowing the beads of Sodium Polyacrylate to fall out. They will help the soil retain moisture, so you will need to water less often. This is a great trick if you will be out of town for vacation.


4. If you accidentally spilled something on a favourite book and now want to dry them quickly, try placing them open on the inside of a Huggies diaper. The diaper will soak up the spill in no time.


5. Create your own ice pack from a Huggies Diaper. Just cut off the ends, leaving the middle, absorbent section. Pour a ½ cup of water on it and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Fold it nicely and place it in a zipper bag in the freezer.


6. Use extra Disposable diapers for packing material for fragile items you are shipping. They also work great when you are moving to place fragile items in them.


7. Hopefully, you will never need this tip, but diapers are great if you have a serious injury that is bleeding a lot; a diaper can be a great way to control the bleeding until you can get into the ER.


8. If you have a leaking pipe, try wrapping a diaper around the leak before you call a plumber. Of course, just like on a baby, it won’t hold that much, so get someone over to fix the issue very soon. At least you won’t have water all over the place, though, when they get there.


9. If you change your own oil in your car, a Huggies Diaper will be your new friend. Just place it where the oil will leak out as you remove the filter, and the diaper will soak up any oil spilled.


10.  If you live in a cold area, use a diaper or two to insulate your pipes under your sinks. This will help keep them from freezing as the temperature dips.


11. Horse owners, rejoice. You can make poultices for your horses’ hooves or even booties for the cold weather out of them.