, 10 Unusual Uses for Lactantia Butter



Sure, butter is excellent for baking, breakfast foods, and just about any kind of bread, but there are at ten uses for Lactantia butter that you probably never thought of. That’s right; it tastes great and has practical purposes!

10 Uses for Lactantia Butter

1. Cool burns. If you happen to get burnt and don’t have anything else around, butter can ease the pain of a burn.

2. Cuts like butter. Sure soft butter is easy to cut through, but it can also help you cut through sticky foods like brownies. Just coat the knife blade with butter and slice away!

3. Prevent mould on cheese. If you happen to live in a house where your cheese might be in the refrigerator for a while, coat the cut end with butter to prevent it from moulding.

4. Use it on your hands. Butter can clean sticky films off of your hands, but it can also moisturize your hands and nails. Just use a light coat and add more as needed.

5. Treat your hair. If you are in a pinch for conditioner, butter does a great job. It also helps remove gum from hair without pulling the hair out. Let the butter sit on the hair for a while and then just slide the glue right off.



6. Take your medicine. Do you have a hard time swallowing pills? Coat your next pill with butter, and it will slide down the throat much more comfortable.

7. Treat a rash. Butter makes an excellent salve for a rash. Coat the area with butter and then wrap it with gauze. Change the dressing and clean the area as needed and repeat the process until the rash is gone.

8. Erase the ink. If you have ink on a plastic item like a bowl or plastic chair, cover it with butter. Let it sit in the sun so it can get warm. Then all you have to do is wipe the ink and butter away at the same time.

9. Treat or calm your cat. Is your cat overly anxious, or you want to give him or her a special treat? If you dab a bit of butter on its paws, you will have one happy cat who will suddenly be so focused on his or her paws that all traces of anxiety will disappear—at least for a little while
10. Shine leather. Do your leather shoes need an excellent shine, and you don’t have time to get the oil you usually use? Dab a bit of Lactantia butter on your shoes and rub it in for shiny supple