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Awesome Ways To Clean With Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I have to say. I am totally in love with the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They have been out a few years, and I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to any product with the word “Magic” in it.  However, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers live up to their name. They can help you end your cleaning nightmares.

What’s more, they only require a little water to use. No chemicals, unless, of course, you want to.

What can you clean with these amazing little tools?

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Tips |


Let’s look at some creative uses for Magic Erasers.


1. Use them for Kool-Aid stains on the kitchen counter and table. Unless you use bleach, Kool-Aid and juice stains are very hard to get out of countertops. Just wet a magic eraser and rub it on the stain, and it will disappear!


2.  If you have white shoes with white soles and hate the dinginess, take a magic eraser to it. No harsh cleaners are needed!


3. Remove crayons and markers from walls.  What mom doesn’t deal with her child’s artistry on her walls at least once? Just use a bit of warm water and a magic eraser, and you are good to go!


4. If you have a dry erase board that looks dull and you can’t get it clean enough, you can restore the surface to new with a dry eraser.


5. Clean hard water spots off facets and out of the toilet with one. A nifty trick with the bathroom is to leave the magic eraser in the toilet bowl (filled with water, of course)  overnight. It does work! Then, simply remove it, and your toilet bowl will be easy to clean. I really can’t explain why it works; it just does!


6. If you have leather furniture or seats in your car and need help getting the stuck-on deep dirt off, pick up a magic eraser. Wet it and squeeze out the excess water thoroughly. Gently rub it in a small circular motion and allow it to dry.


7. Don’t you hate sticker residue left on your purchases? The magic eraser will take of them in an instant! Depending on the surface, you may want to adjust how much water you squeeze out before using, but I have used them on everything from book covers to glasses.


8. Speaking of glasses, they are amazing for removing rings from hard water at the bottom of drinking glasses and mugs. Make your coffee cup collection like new again by removing the coffee stains.

9. Detail your car with a magic eraser. Use it on your steering wheel, dash and even your tires and rims. It will remove just about any dirt and grime build-up, including oil and grease. Just be gentle as magic erasers take the “elbow grease” out of cleaning.


10. Have you ever put the leftover tomato-based sauce in a plastic container and are left with those orange stains? Well, the magic eraser is your solution to this stubborn stain. Just use it as you would any other sponge to clean the stains out of your favourite storage containers.


11. Now that the grilling season is coming to an end, why not make your grill sparkle and shine? After removing the big gunk on your grill, get the baked-on stuff with a magic eraser. You will be glad you did when you get going again next season!


12. As someone who frequently uses my Crock Pot, I sometimes find stains left on the outside of the ceramic that I can’t quite get off. A magic eraser always does the trick!


13. Polish silver with them! There is no need to break out the expensive and time-consuming tarnish polish and unique towel. A magic eraser will do just as well and maybe even faster.


14. If you have an ink or marker stain on your hands (or your child’s!), you can clean them gently with a magic eraser.


15. Scuff marks on edging and grimy fingerprints got you down? Just swipe over them with a slightly damp Magic Eraser, and they are gone!


Bonus Money Saving Tip:
Did you know that Magic Erasers are just Melamine Foam? This substance is 100% non-toxic and used in ductwork for years before it came out as a cleaning miracle. You can buy bulk Melamine Foam for way cheap!

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