Secrets of Negotiating Your Monthly Cell Phone Contract



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The Secrets of Negotiating a Lower Monthly Bill on Your Cell Phone Contract

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with one of the highest ratings for maintaining a high standard of life. However, no Canadian is likely to be happy about paying some of the highest prices in the world for cell phone plans.

The average mobile phone contracts in Canada are pricier than the United States and the United Kingdom. So, Canadians won’t surely mind finding a way to put a rein around the neck of the cell phone bills. Go through the following procedures and learn how easy it is to negotiate your contract and settle down at a rate much lower than the original offer.

Learn about your current contract.

Before dialling the customer service if your phone company, check the copy of your last bill to see your currently enrolled contract, examine it thoroughly to see if it fits your requirements. Maybe you need fewer minutes and more data because you use Skype or WhatsApp for long-distance calls, or you want more SMS in the package because you text all the time. Knowing these things and figuring out what you exactly want for your current user profile will help you to negotiate better.

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Study the plans offered by other companies.

There won’t be much luck because the cell phone businesses in Canada offer pretty much the same deals and packages. Nevertheless, it’s still good to do your research because the carriers sometimes promote special offers.

Some forums publish the updates of all the plans. Finding a better contract from another carrier will help you to get leverage from your current cell company.

Keep patience while talking to customer care.

Speaking to the customer care representative and getting a suitable solution can be a long process. Losing your temper will give them the best excuse to cut you off. So, stay calm and show politeness throughout the entire time.

Take notes while talking.

Noting down the name of the person you are talking to and writing the gist of your conversation will help you give references as you proceed with the negotiation process. Besides, these companies may deny later unless you keep a record.

Apply the right words to snatch a better deal.

Despite being a loyal customer, you cannot blatantly ask them to lower your fees. There are some trigger words involving talking about looking for other packages, or the costs of cancellation fees will prompt the agent to make some offers. It’s even possible to cut your monthly by approximately 50%!

Talk to someone who can offer a deal.

The agents you get on the phone after calling the customer service don’t have the power to propose any good deal. They are there for sweet talks and throwing minor fixes. Ask for a loyalty representative or a customer retention agent. Explain to them what you want and how they can help you in this matter. Use the trigger words to convince them, and you will find yourself with a better plan and lower monthly bills!

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