How to Change Campfire Color


Change the color of your campfire

You can easily change the color of a campfire. If you do it right, you can repeat the process for just about every bonfire you have. All you need is a drill, a drill bit, a piece of the copper pipe, an old garden hose, coat hanger, and a vice.



Make sure that your copper pipe is bigger than your hose because you are going to put the hose inside the copper pipe. You can measure or roughly estimate about every two inches on your pipe and mark it. Now turn it a quarter turn and make marks in the middle of the first ones on the side of the pipe.


1. Place the pipe in a vice with the first row of marks facing up. Be careful not to tighten the pipe too much or you will end up squeezing it out of shape. Drill holes where you have made marks. The drill should go all the way through the pipe. When you get done, you should have four rows of holes in the pipe.


2. Place the garden hose in the pipe. Squeeze one end of the pipe so that it is out of shape and will not allow the garden hose to fall out. Set the pipe and garden hose aside.


3. Straighten your coat hanger, with the exception of the curved area that goes over the closet rod. This is done easiest if you have a pair of pliers. Once the coat hanger is straight, slide one end through a hole in the pipe. Pull that end through until it reaches the hook. Now twist this end around the base of the hook. This is your handle.


4. Once you have a fire going, slide the pipe into the fire. Use an oven or grilling mitt so that you don’t burn your hand. The pipe should go under the logs. Leave the hook out of the fire so that you have access to it.


You will notice the fire start to change colour almost immediately. Gorgeous blues and greens will mix with the yellows and oranges.


When the colour starts to die down, remove the pipe from the fire. You’ll want to use a mitt again because the wire is going to be hot and the pipe will be glowing hot. Don’t let either one touch your skin or clothing. Dip the pipe in cold water to cool it off and then reuse it again the next time you want to change the colour of a campfire.


Once you place the pipe in the fire, do not try to cook on the fire. The change in colour is indicative of a chemical reaction. Never cook your food over chemicals or dyes, such as dyes found on cardboard boxes you might burn.


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