Frugal Fishing Tip – Use Gummy Worms as Bait



Jun 13, 2020

Frugal Fishing Tip – Use Gummy Worms as Bait


Updating 2014.

Well, it’s June of 2014 – and guess what – We’re still using Gummy worms. We now prefer to use the Sour Neon one’s at Walmart – Great Value Brand Kind. I’m not sure why we think they work better than the clear sweet ones, but my husband is confident it makes a difference. He may be right. Last weekend he caught and released more fish than I caught ( I was using the clear ones)

We have not purchased any Power Bait in the last 3 years. We do purchase minnows once in a while.



Original Story 

Currently Today I am camping on the Lesser Slave Lake in Alberta. It has recently flooded the lake, and the lake is very dirty, making fishing rather slow to nill bites at all.

So one evening, my husband and I were talking to our neighbour on the road about fishing, and this older gentlemen came along, and stopped and chatted, and said we needed to try his “Secret Weapon” for fishing. I am obviously curious and asked the gentleman what it was. He told me his secret was “Gummy Worms”and he also told me to try Twizzlers. He told us he caught 2 fish using a red and white gummy worm, using a yellow jig head.

So the Lake We are on we are fishing for Walleye. There are other fish in the lake, but this is the fish we are after. ( just in case you were wondering)

Well the next time we were at Walmart at Slave Lake, we grabbed some gummy worms.

So last night we tried them out. Guess What,? They worked!

My daughter caught a small one using a Green and white gummy worm, and my husband caught a keeper using a Red and White Gummy Worm.

What we did find, is the gummy worms last a long time on a hook, compared to minnows, and other bait.

And the best part is its cheap bait.

  • $3 for a container of Gummy worms.

And if you take kids fishing, they can eat the bait that is not being used on the hook.

My cellphone died before I was able to take a picture of the fish my husband caught with the gummy worm in its mouth.

But I can say it worked for us last night.

This old guy told us it worked because Gummy Worms ( or bears) has the same special ingredient as Berkley’s Power Bait, but I have not confirmed this by any means.


What other wacky ingredients have you heard about using for fish bait?


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