Calls You Need to Make to Save Yourself Money

It never hurts to see if you can save money  – Or at least you can go bed knowing you’ve got the best deal that you can have with that service.

Why Call Companies, you may ask?

There are emails and online support to do all this! But having a human connection is the key to saving money! Emails and Online customer service that is not human-based – Questions go unanswered.  Calling the following companies will give you a Human connection – plus they can help you save money – as long as you ask!

5 Services to Call Today 

Here are 5 Services to call today to see if they can save money! Every $5.00, you can squeeze out of the following services for savings is $60.00 per year. You may be surprised and save yourself $500.00 per year or more if you call all the following services.

Tip:  If you have a personal connection already with your representative’s email address ( insurance or banking rep), You can see if they can call you at a set time to go over your account.


Simple Calls to Make to Save Money |

Save with Insurance Companies:

Do You have a car? Mortgage, renters insurance?  Call around, and price compares to what you currently have, and see if anyone is willing to beat what you are now paying. It’s essential to pull out “Your current Plan” so you can compare “Apples to Apples.”

Life Insurance? Are you over-insured? – Do you have Life House Insurance with the bank and separate life insurance to include your house mortgage debt?

Tip Remember many times; Insurance companies will give you extra rebates if you have Multiple Products to insure.

I saved $400 per year by going over my current insurance by reviewing every detail of my current insurances – we realized I was paying for flood damage- when it’s not needed where we currently live.


Simple Calls to Make to Save Money |

Save On TV Packages

Check out your current TV package and make adjustments to it. Perhaps you can cancel a channel or two – This is mainly a great way to save in the summer – Us Canadians are busy with outdoor activities and don’t need huge packages.

Maybe your paying for a sports package for a roommate, and you have forgotten about it – Or Perhaps your paying for movie packages you no longer use as much as you should be.

Tip: Maybe You can go down to straight Netflix or Amazon Prime and cancel your TV altogether; maybe try just watching tv streaming devices for a month or two and try it out.


Simple Calls to Make to Save Money |

Save on Cell Phones Plans

It’s always good to call your current Cell Phone provider and see if you can save some cash on your current usage.  Maybe your paying for overage on your data, or perhaps your starting to overuse your minutes on long distance. It never hurts to see if there are any savings – Perhaps they can help you save a few dollars per month.


Simple Calls to Make to Save Money |

Save on Banking Fees

Call your bank and see if you’re paying the correct banking fees, – Maybe there’s a flat rate you can pay for your debit card usage, or maybe you qualify for Multi-Product savings. Also, if you have a Mortgage check to see if you have Life and Disability insurance – You may be able to get that portion of insurance for less via another insurance company.

Simple Calls to Make to Save Money |

Save On Utilities

It’s always worth trying to shop around if available to see if you can save on your utilities. Sometimes there are locked contracts or multi-product rebates that you can spare a few dollars on. Savings are going to vary per province and your local area on whom provides these services.

Simple Calls to Make to Save Money |

Tips on Calling Companies!

Always Be Polite – Yes, you may be the consumer, but still be polite – My dad always told me, “it’s easier to catch bees with Honey than with Vinegar.”

Always Give them your account number to review your account with you and be on the same page.

Ask the Question!

  • Is there any way I can save money?
  • If you were me, what would you do?
  • Is there any way you can help me cost save?

I generally sit down at least once a year, if not twice – January and June, and start making changes to my accounts. I always call all the services listed above and see if there’s any way I can cost save.

Going to the Competition:

If you have documents or find a better deal – let your current provider know your thinking of switching – sometimes, there are “loyalty” savings to be had. But it’s best to have proof that you can save if you switch.