15 Unusual Uses for Coke




There is nothing like cracking open a can of Coke. It can be refreshing, especially on a hot day. Did you know there are more uses for Coke than just drinking it?

Here are 15 more uses for Coke around the home:

1. You can use Coke in the laundry room for removing grease, bloodstains, and rust. Just soak the clothing item (not white fabrics) in it before tossing in the washer if heavily soiled. Otherwise, you can spot clean it from small areas on cloth.

2. If you are working with a rusty screw or bolt, pour some coke over it. If that doesn’t work, try soaking it if you can by soaking a rag in it and wrapping it around the rusty bolt.

3. If you are feeling nauseous, Coke may be more useful than the traditional ginger ale remedy. If you want to use it on young children, try letting it go flat first and giving in small amounts.

4. If you have bugs all over your windshield, try shaking a can of Coke and putting it all over your glass. This would only be good for the warmer weather and if you wipe it clean.

5. Add a can of Coke to your pot roast to make it juicy and tender.

6. If you like to do papercrafts, Coke can be a great way to create papers that look vintage or antique. You can use some flat coke with a paintbrush to spot it on the article, and when it dries, it looks old.








7. Just like with the pot roast in #5, you can turn tough cuts of meat into tender by placing them in a bag with seasonings and a can or two of Coke. Allow soaking overnight for the most tender steak you have ever had.

8. If you compost, periodically add a can of Coke to your pile and stir. The sugars in the Coke, along with the acidity, make it perfect for the micro-organisms to do their job.

9. If your little one has gum in their hair, try soaking it in Coke. After a little while, it should have loosened up so you can get it out.

10. Get rid of stains such as a marker, out of carpets by pouring some Coke on them, soaking the satin in it and then scrubbing with warm soapy water.

11. Clean your toilet bowl with a can of Coke. First, flush, then as the water fills back up, pour in your container. Allow the Coke to sit in the bowl for 10-15 minutes and scrub.

12. Oops! Did you allow something to burn in your favourite pot or pan? You can enable a can of Coke to soak inside the container overnight, and it should come out much easier when you go to scrub it.

13. Soak your feet in it. This seems pretty silly, but it will help soften the skin on your feet if you soak in it.

14. If you just dyed your hair and the colour is too dark, try fading it by pouring a can of Diet Coke over it and allowing it to soak and then rinse.

15. Get that grout whiter with Coke. Just pour onto the problem area and allow to sit a minute or two before scrubbing.

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