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Unusual Uses for Canada Dry

Ginger Ale is not only a great mixer and a drink that is loved by lots of folks but an excellent remedy for many things around your home and body. Here are some unique uses for Canadian Dry Ginger Ale.

Ginger Ale Uses

1. Use it for tummy aches. The ginger in Canadian Dry will soothe an upset stomach better than any other soda will. Just sip, and you will find your stomach behaving in no time.

2. Use flat Canada Dry in place of cold water in gelatin desserts. It will add an extra zing to it. It tastes best in lemon or lime.

3. Help keep stains from setting in by quickly soaking a stain in Canada Dry Ginger ale.

4. If you just dyed your hair and are looking for ways to keep the colour from fading, try doing a rinse of flat Canada Dry Ginger ale once a week. Just make sure to rinse out after allowing you to sit for 5 minutes, or you will end up with a sticky head of hair as well!

 5.  Soothe a sore throat with a warm Canadian Dry Ginger Ale. Just heat it to concentrated it and drink it slowly.

 6.  Remove stains that have not been set by pouring a freshly opened cup of Canada Dry Ginger Ale on the spot and allow to sit for a few moments. Scrub as you usually would. This is only good for stains that are not set and are not recommended for starch white carpets.

7.  Add some Canada Dry Ginger Ale to your Christmas Tree this year. Just add in about 2 cups to the water you use, and it will feed your tree with the ginger properties as well as the sugar content, keeping your tree healthier-looking, longer.

 8. Add a ½ cup of  Canada Dry Ginger Ale to that roast in your crock-pot to tenderize it even further. The real ginger in Canada Dry will make it so tender and juicy and add an extra dimension to its flavour.

9. To soothe a cold, try drinking lemonade and ginger ale together. Ginger and lemon both have some sinus-clearing properties.

10. Whiten your nails after having polish on them for weeks. Just soak your nails in flat Canada Dry Ginger Ale to make them lovely and bright again and help eliminate the ugly yellowing that can occur from wearing certain shades of polish.

11. Add some ginger ale to your carrots next time you want to glaze them. It will add that extra something you are looking for.

 12.  If you are cooking a Christmas ham, you can de-salt or lower your meat’s sodium content by soaking it in Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Just cover it with some ginger ale and cook it right in your roaster this way or soak for several hours and remove and cook in water.

13. Swig some Canada Dry Ginger Ale to help curb heartburn. Because Canada Dry has real ginger in it, it is a good substitute for ginger tea for this use.

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