Bayer’s aspirin is widely known as a pain management over-the-counter solution, but the brand is used across the globe for all kinds of things not related to pain. While these uses are not what the product was intended for, that doesn’t make them any less valid.

Here are ten uses for Bayer aspirin that you might never have heard of:

1. Taking the itch out of insect stings – Bees, mosquitoes, and various other stinging insects can cause us intense itching and pain if they sting us. Bayer aspirin works wonderfully to control that itching. Wet the area that is affected and rub an aspirin over the surface.

2. Homemade Dandruff Control – If you want to get rid of the flaky scalp that so many of us suffer from, crush up a couple of aspirins and mix it with your handful of shampoo. Just be sure you wash again afterward to rinse out the mixture. Let it sit for a few minutes in your hair first, however.

3. Get Rid of That Pimple – Just like bee stings, pimples can get swollen and red. If you want to eliminate that nasty skin problem, make a paste of two aspirins and water. Crush it up into a paste and apply. Let it sit, and then watch the magic happen.

4. Get Rid of Sweat Stains – Again, that crushed Bayer aspirin comes to the rescue. Take the affected area and place it in a mix of aspirin and water. After an hour or two, the worst sweat stains should be history.

5. Get a Final Start From Your Dead Battery – If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery, dropping a couple of aspirin in the battery might do the trick. Just understand it is a temporary starting measure, and you still have a dead battery to fix when you get where you are going.

6. Daily Heart and Circulatory Maintenance – Bayer aspirin is used by many people for a doctor-prescribed daily regimen. Many people use low-dose aspirin as part of their daily routine. Only do this with a doctor’s advice, however.

7. Getting Rid of a Hangover – Hangovers are hard to get rid of, but aspirin is a relatively benign way of doing so. Keep in mind that it can cause stomach bleeding in folks that often drink, though.

Bayer aspirin is an excellent solution for several days today, maladies. With such a wide array of uses, it is one of the most diverse over-the-counter pills ever made.

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