How to Freeze Strawberries




Learning how to freeze strawberries is simple enough when you know what you want to do with them when they thaw. Strawberries are sweet with a slightly tangy taste once cut. If you plan to serve them straight from the freezer as a dessert, you might consider packing them in sugar or syrup when you freeze them. If you plan to use them in smoothies, you won’t want them to be in sugar, but you might want them to be in yogurt. Whichever way you choose to go, always cut the leaves off the top or “kull” the strawberry and then wash it and leave to dry.



 How to Freeze Strawberries

Simple Non-Stick Method

You can freeze your strawberries in one container all at once, but then they will stick together. To keep this from happening, Place strawberries top side down on a flat sheet, like a cookie tin or sheet of wax paper. Once they freeze, slide them into a bag or other storage container. Since they are already frozen, they won’t stick together in one big clump.

For Use in Drinks

Maybe you like hot tea with a strawberry flavour. Perhaps you want to pretty up your sweet tea and make it cool faster or maybe you just can’t resist lemonade with strawberries. Slice your strawberries so that they fit in ice cube trays. Place the sliced pieces in the individual slots. Fill will water and allow to freeze. Use as needed in drinks for decoration, flavour, and faster cooling.

Smoothie Prep

When you want to know how to freeze strawberries for use later in smoothies, you only have to pick the level of convenience you want. You can freeze strawberries any way you want to for smoothies, aside from using sugar. The sugar will take away from the healthiness of the smoothies. Another method is to place sliced strawberries in an ice cube tray and then cover them with yogurt. When you want a smoothie, all you need to do is add the cubes to the juice and whatever other fruits or vegetables you are using in your smoothie. This is especially great for people who don’t make smoothies often and find that they waste yogurt.

Sugary Sweet

For sugary strawberries, place the cut strawberries in a bowl. Sprinkle them with sugar. Mix well so that each strawberry is well coated. You can also use powdered sugar or a syrup/water mixture. Once the strawberries are coated with the sweet mixture or powder, place them in a container and allow them to freeze.

When you freeze your strawberries, keep in mind that they darken as they freeze and maybe slightly mushy as they thaw. The process of freezing them does not kill germs or bacteria, so be sure to clean them before you freeze them.