An apple is a crunchy, brilliant shaded natural product; the word apple comes from the Latin word pomum, which means ‘fruit.’ At that point known as pome in light of its tiny seeds. Before Christianity turned into the Roman realm’s traditional religion, apple was malum in Latin, implying melon. For quite some time, the Apple-King of all Fruit has been related to Adam and Eve’s scriptural story. Between the Caspian and the Black Sea, the natural product arose in the Middle East pretty much 4000 years prior.

fresh apples growing on trees

It is the fruit of a mainly cultivated tree known as Malus Domestica, which belongs to the family of Rosaceae.

Apples on ground and a few apples cut open

Types of Apples:

There are 750 types of apples present in the world. There is nothing very fulfilling as the initial chomp into sweet, succulent, newly picked apples. However, consider this: Not all the various sorts of apples accessible to us are intended to be eaten by hand. In all types, some of the most known are as follows:

  1. Fuji apples
  2. Red delicious
  3. Honey crisp
  4. Granny smith
  5. Golden delicious
  6. Empire

Types of different grown apples

Various Fall harvest apples

Benefits of apples:

Besides the fact that apples taste flavorful all alone or added to dishes, they come stacked with medical advantages as they contain Vitamin C and other nutrients. Apples can do wonders when it comes to health and the human body. Some of the health benefits are as follows:


People having type 2 diabetes should consider adding apples to their eating routine. Indeed, they’re an organic product, yet it’s a typical misguided judgment that individuals with diabetes can’t eat the natural product. It is beneficial as apples’ dissolvable fibre can help moderate sugar ingestion into the circulatory system and improve glucose levels.

eating apples and health benefits

Helps in weight loss:

Apples are diet rich, which makes them a good choice for weight loss. Fibres help us keep our digestion slow, preventing us from overeating, and fresh apples are rich in dietary fibre. Whenever you have a sweet craving in between your diet, eating an apple will be good.

Weightloss and apples

Maintaining a healthy immune system:

Apples are extraordinary wellsprings of fibre and normal sugars—however, you realized that as of now. Their skins contain quercetin, a kind of plant shade flavonoid that helps support your immune system and boosts it.

It makes our bone stronger:

Apples are additionally successful in making our bones strong and can have a good role in bone wellbeing. Specific flavonoid phlorizin, found in apple skin, may help in the prevention of bone loss. Apples contain powerful bone-building antioxidants.

Boosts our Brain:

Apples upgrade our mental stamina. Apples create a correlation between nerve cells and the mind that lowers the chances of Alzheimer’s and makes your memory strong. This is the most common advantage of sugar-free apple juices.

Red Apples


Can you freeze apples raw? To lay it out plainly, yes! Sure, Numerous individuals don’t accept that it’s protected to freeze apples since you gave a chance of destroying the surface. However, freezing apples is an inventive method to keep natural products new without allowing all that succulent goodness to go to the bin.

Regardless of whether you’ve gone apple picking or exploited a deal at the market, one method of putting away apples for all-year use is freezing them. If you set them up appropriately, your apples should keep them all-around frozen for a while and not taste dried-out or severe when defrosted. Remember that frozen apples are best utilized in different recipes. There are various approaches to effectively freeze apples relying upon whether they are entire, cut, or made into fruit dessert filling.

Freezing Apples is much like How to Freeze Avacados



Wash the apples under clean running water. Please turn on the tap and put the apples under it, utilizing your fingers to clean the apple tenderly to eliminate any surface soil. When it is perfect, get it dry with a paper towel or clean material. Eliminate any produce stickers from the apple too.

washing apples with running kitchen sink


Peel the apples utilizing a vegetable peeler. Be cautious when using the peeler and go gradually, beginning at the stem and working your way around. Eliminate the entire skin so the apple is fit to be cut. Follow the same steps for anyway numerous apples you’re utilizing. If you don’t have a vegetable peeler, you can use a paring blade.

peeling the skin off an apple using a vegetable peeler


Eliminate the center with a sharp cutting blade. Cut the apples in fourths, with the cuts going a long way at the stem. Utilize the knife to remove the center of each cut so that there aren’t any seeds left. Slice it into eight to twelve slices.

Slicing an Apple


Safeguard the sliced apples. This keeps the apples from getting brown excessively fast. Pick what direction you need to safeguard the apples, regardless of whether it’s utilizing lemon juice, absorbing them in saltwater, or using an organic product preserver. These methods prevent oxidation. It is the best way to preserve sliced fruits.

Preserving Apples



There are few best ways to freeze whole apples, and the most straightforward approach to freezing apples is to freeze the entire apples. Start by washing your apples under cool running water. Set the whole apples on a baking sheet and put them in the freezer until they are frozen.

Freezing them on the baking sheet prevent them from sticking together. When frozen, move the whole apples to some freezer bags for around one year.

Freezing Whole Apples


Another way to freeze it is to soak the apple slices, drain the water out, and not wash or clean the slices if treated with preserves or lemon juice. Evenly spread the slices on the baking sheet to prevent sticking. Position the tray with slices carefully in the freezer and let them sit there for two to three hours. After waiting for the given time, please take out your tray and remove the slice with fingers individually. Please place them in a freezer protective zipper bag and eliminate all the excess air to prevent the slices from getting freezer burn. Write the expiration date, name of the product on the plastic bag or any container before placing it in the freezer to recall the fruit when needed. You can place them for one year.

freezing apple slices


If you are thinking of making apple pie filling for the tasty pie ahead of the holidays, then freezing apple for it is a great option. Once you place all the ingredients in the pie pan, they are protected from freezing and can be pulled out, finished off with pie toppings, and prepared or baked flawlessly.

Prepare the apples as instructed above, then soak the sliced apple in lemon juice for 5 minutes to protect it from browning; after this, place the slices in a bowl.


The recipe for apple pie filling is as follows:

The first step is to add half a cup of sugar, half tablespoon cinnamon, three tablespoon flour, and a tiny bit of salt, and mix all the ingredients until all the slices are covered with the matter. Place the pie pan with extra aluminum foil on each side, pour the mixture in it, then cover it completely, and set the pie pan in the freezer overnight.

Eliminate the aluminum foil, and put the apples in the plastic freezer bags until you want to use them or enjoy a baked pie.

Apple Pie


Apple butter is a sweet, smooth spread produced using apples. There is no margarine is creamy fruit spread; it gets its name from the smooth surface and how it spreads so pleasantly on buttered toast. This spread is not difficult to make. There is no compelling reason to slice the apples, so the prep is fast. The cooking requires some serious energy. Altogether, for the spread to come out smooth and rich, the creamy fruit spread should be cooked for almost sixty minutes. It is an excellent way to freeze apples.

Cooking Apple Butter:

There are a few steps to make this butter which are:

STEP 1: Cut the apples, place them in a large pot with apple cider in it and stir them and cover the pot until apples are soft for about 30 minutes.

STEP 2: Run groups of prepared apples through the food processor into an enormous bowl. The processor will isolate the peelings and seeds, leaving a thick mash. Keep processing the apples until all have been decreased to mash. Dispose of the peelings and seeds.

STEP 03: Keep the mash into an enormous, thick-lined pot, adding around 1/2 cup sugar per one cup of apple mash. Add flavours and lemon. Mix and add somewhat salt to taste. Cook over a low flame, regularly blending with a wooden spoon, mix and cook until the creamy fruit spread is thick and smooth. This can require a few hours. If the butter is creamy, then store it in the freezer to cool it. You can store it for six months or a year to use it for later. Using lemon juice will not let your apples turn brown.

Apple Butter in a jar


An ideal approach or the best way to defrost frozen apples relies, for the most part, upon how you mean to utilize them. Following are some best ways to thaw.

Thawing apples for baking:

Move them to the fridge and let them thaw gradually, at any rate for the time being. Moderate defrosting protects the apple’s tissues, keeping the apples from having abundance dampness and prevents them from browning when utilized in preparing.

Thawing apples for cooking:

Suppose you cook your apples into a fruit purée, creamy fruit spread, jam, or something like that. In that case, you can put them in cool or tepid water until they are defrosted enough to cut, and afterward utilize the halfway defrosted frozen apples very much like new ones.

wash apples by using cold water

Commonly asked questions:

For how long can we use frozen apples?

We can use frozen apples for more than 6 months; It depends on how well you have drained and eliminated the freezer bags’ air.

Will frozen apples turn themselves brown?

It depends that for how long have you soaked your apples in lemon juice or water mixture. Using lemon juice will not let your apples turn brown.


Frozen apples:

  • Work great in smoothies and juices.
  • They can be a great ingredient in muffins.
  • We can make the sauce, which is perfect for topping can be made from frozen apples.
  • It is mostly used in pie filling. The best way to use frozen apples is to bake them.

We can utilize frozen and cut apples to make creamy fruit spread, fruit purée, jam, pies, cakes, and other heated or cooked dishes, and everyone loves baked apples.

apple muffin with variuos apples in background Apple Jam