How to Freeze Apples



Learning how to freeze apples is easy enough, depending on what you plan to do with them. Frozen apples have a different texture than fresh ones, so these are best used for cooking and making things like apple butter.

How to Freeze Apples


Apples turn brown when exposed to air. You can blanch them to avoid this. To blanche the apples, boil water and submerge the apples in it for a minute and a half. Remove from water and continue the freezing process.




There are a couple of different ways you can freeze apples. You can actually freeze an apple without cutting it at all, but then you will have to wait a bit longer when you want to thaw it out, cut it up, and use it for a dish. It’s much easier if you decided what you are going to use the apples for first.


If you just need frozen apple slices that you can use as a group or one by one, slice the apples, set the slices on a tray and place the tray in the freezer. Slide them off the tray once frozen and put them all in a bag. Because you froze them before you bagged them, they won’t stick together.


For specific measurements of apples, cut them into desired pieces and measure out the amounts. For small amounts, place the measured quantity in ice cube trays to freeze them as group. Muffin trays work well for quantities that are a bit larger.


If you plan to use these apples for pie, cut them up and fill a pie tin with them. Place the pie tin in the freezer. When the apples are frozen, bag them up and place them all in one bag. The next time you want to make apple pie you will have the exact quantity you need. Since some of the spices may lose their potency when you freeze them, hold off and add them when you actually make the pie. This also means if yo change your mind and want to make something else with your apples you don’t have to worry about the spices you already put in.


Whether you are freezing apples or anything else, always be sure to label your bags so you know what you are thawing out. You can freeze apples with the peels on them, but if you happened to do it without the peels, they can look like something other than frozen apples in a bag.


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