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Mr. Clean Coupons for Canada.

  • Save $0.50 on any 1 Mr. Clean product

Excludes trial/travel size, value/gift/bonus packs.

Available in Print Format.

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Mr. Clean Coupons can sometimes be found at: Print Coupons via

Mr. Clean Coupons expiry date is unknown, available for a limited time


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15 Awesome tips to Clean with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser



Prices ( Walmart – Regular)
  •  Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrub With Dawn  2pk) $3.96
  •  Disinfectant Liquid, Citrus, and Light $2.98
  •  Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber ( 2 Count) $4.98
  • Magic Eraser Original ( 2 Count) $2.98
  • Multi-Surfaces Spray with Febreze Freshness & Vanilla $2.98
  •  Disinfectant Liquid Cleaner $3.58

Finding Good Prices on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!  Attempt to find them for $1.00 per eraser – So a 2 count should hopefully be $2.00.  You can buy them at Costco in bulk for $1.25 per eraser.

Finding Good prices on Mr. Clean Disinfectant Liquid – The smaller ones try for $1.99

Finding good prices on Mr. Clean Spray – $1.99 should be an easy find.

Mr. Clean History

Mr. Clean was created  back in the 1950s by a Mr. Burton who cleaned ships and ended up selling the product to Procter & Gamble in 1958

Mr. Clean made his debut as Mr. Clean in a tv commercial back in 1958  and within 6 months of his cartoon version of his bald self It was the #1 Cleaning household cleaner in the market.

In 1963  It became the 1st liquid cleaner to be in a plastic bottle.

In 1996 the Disinfectant became available in a spray bottle.

In 2003 Magic Eraser was launched.

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