, 5 Ways to Save Money This year


5 Ways to Save Money This Year!

Being frugal is a good thing as it makes a person to get the best for the spent money without being a penny-pincher. With the arrival of a new year, why don’t you take a resolution of being a member of the frugal club! We’ve rounded up 5 strategies that will help you trim down your budget and see a bigger number in your savings!

Save before Spending

Most people save the leftover money after paying all of the bills (though nothing is left over to save in most of the cases). Reverse this process by saving an amount first and then planning the budget of the month or week. In this case, your budget will be a bit tight and you will be forced to make adjustments here and there but you will be able to save and your savings will continue to grow. It could be as little as $50 per week or a percentage of your paycheque.

Utilize Your DIY Skill

Anything homemade save you bucks. So, figure out the areas where you can cut the expense by using your DIY skill. Do you love crafting? If yes, why to spend dollars on store-bought greeting cards and gift items? Crafting goodies is fun and people will appreciate and be happy to receive your handmade gift items.

Plus, try to make detergents and cleaning products with your mother’s secret recipes Try planting some herbs in your kitchen, they will be handy when you are cooking!

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

We often plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle but surrender to our gluttony and laziness. However, we should remember that eating and living healthy can save us a good amount of money. Instead of going to restaurants, plan your meals; make your own coffee instead of spending on Starbucks, and start using a water filter instead of buying bottled water. These small adjustments will prove fruitful in the long run. To indulge occasional cravings, buy the membership of your local Entertainment Book or find coupons on restaurants.

Save on Utility Bills

Using energy-efficient bulbs can reduce the cost of your utility bills and save you on replacement costs as they have a longer lifespan. Their price is a bit high than a regular or incandescent bulb but they save you in the long-term. On the other hand, programmable thermostats can also save you a bit, which can be as much as $180 per year, according to Energy Star.

Review Your  TV Package

Do you watch all the channels included on your cable TV package? Is there any channel that you can do without? If yes, review your current package and choose a new one offering only those channels that you watch frequently, considering that downgrading one tier will save you something around $20 a month. If you are not a TV-holic, don’t go for a cable TV package. Instead, choose a suitable online streaming service where you can watch your specific favourite show at a much less cost. Also, consider if you don’t watch much tv to simply watch streamed tv instead for less – Example Netflix

Saving money is not difficult. You just have to be strategic and learn to make an adjustment or two here and there. You’ll be surprised to see how cutting a bit can save you a sufficient amount of money in the end!