If you are a budgeting newbie, you may be wondering why you need a budget in the first place. You may have made excuses in the past about why you don’t need or can’t budget. In this post, I will discuss why everyone needs a budget and how you can get started.

Let’s look at some common reasons people do not budget.

“I don’t have very much money to budget, so I don’t.” 

This is all the more reason for you TO budget. Since you are on a limited income, you need to create one. You can even start savings, even on the smallest salary.

“I don’t worry about paying my bills. We have plenty of money to take care of them. There is no need to make a budget.”

When you have enough cash to cover your expenses, you still need a budget. A budget will allow you to see what money is going out and where. No need to waste money if you can prevent it, right? Plus, with a budget, you could find ways to invest that will create even more of a nest-egg.

“I am on a fluctuating income. My month-to-month income is always changing. How can I make a budget for that?”

You can still budget. It is as simple as creating an average for your income and adjusting it as it goes. Budgeting is a lifestyle change. It can be done even with an income that never stays the same.

How To Create A Household Budget

Budgeting is for any income level and any family. A budget can be tailored to your needs, so it does work for everyone.

Here are five reasons everyone needs a budget:

1. It can reveal to you where you are spending money you don’t need to be.

2. It helps you decide what your priorities in life and financially are.

3. It will reduce financial stress and give you a sense of peace.

4. It can be a tool for controlling spending and creating savings.

5.  It helps you reach financial goals, as well as personal ones.


One of the biggest reasons to create a budget, no matter what your income, is to learn better money-management skills that will help you create the financial lifestyle you want to achieve. In the next post, we will discuss precisely how to create a budget and how you can tailor it to your needs. Later on, we will look at cutting expenses, creating savings for every budget, setting goals, and cutting out bad habits. Welcome to your budgeting journey!