Folger Coffee Container Ideas ( Reuse) |




Folger Coffee Containers – UpCycle Today

If you’re a Folgers coffee drinker – You should be making the cans to better uses if you would like to help the environment  – There are so many storage ideas for different ideas from the Kitchen, to the Garage, even the garden! So I’m hoping you can get your creative juices flowing with some of these wonderful ways to Repurpose Folgers Coffee Containers.

Folger Coffee Container Ideas ( Reuse) |

How to Make Folgers Cans look Different:

Kicking with Kelly: – Kicking with Kelly shows you how to Decoupage a coffee container to use as a Utensil Holder in your Kitchen! Very easy, and even a non-crafter can pull off!

Home Talk

Home Talk walks you through how to paint Folgers containers to look pretty just by using some paint and stickers. Just be sure if you’re going to store food inside the containers – Use paint that is safe for food containers.

Trailer Life

Trailer Life gives you a Great Camping hack – by adding cardboard into the container to separate knives/spoons/forks for easy storage of running outside and inside of the trailer. 

The tip is to put your bathroom tissue inside coffee containers to keep dry when camping


Storage in the Garage

Use coffee containers to any garage to make it a bit more organized and easy to see by using them as Storage Bin Racks!


Folger Coffee Container Ideas ( Reuse) |

Starting Pots:

Use your Folger containers as seed starting pots – You can even paint them to match your other pot containers, so they blend in while you have them in your house!

Folger Coffee Container Ideas ( Reuse) |

Ready for the Next Brew!

Do you like you do in a Restaurant, and pre-get ready for the next pot! Simply fill each filter with coffee grounds and add a new layer – and will stay fresh in the container – Great Idea for those people in busy shops or perhaps you have tons of company over for the weekend and your pot is always brewing another fresh pot

Folger Coffee Container Ideas ( Reuse) |

Make a Green Friendly Birdhouse!

This is a cue Idea – Simply cut a sweet hole on the side of the can and paint her up in your favourite colours, and you’ll be set to give a bird a safe place to live. And you can add a small peg using Gorilla Glue or Krazy Glue.

Folger Coffee Container Ideas ( Reuse) |

Garden Lady Bugs

Get Creative with some black and white paint and simply add black polka dots on the side of the container and use the lid to create the face. Could be a great place to hide a spare key as well (if you already make this habit)

Folger Coffee Container Ideas ( Reuse) |

A Snowman Top hat decoration

This picture is from Pinterest uploaded by a user – but thought it was a cute idea to use as a centrepiece for the Christmas Holidays!

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