Do you love coffee? Have you tried the Second Cup Rewards Program or drank their coffee? Well, maybe it’s time you gave it a try, and if you like it, you will love their Rewards Program because you can earn Free Coffee.  And We will show you how.

Second Cup Rewards Program

Second Cup is pushing its Mobile Application!

All you need to do is download the Mobile App, and the first time you use the application to place an order, you will pick it up instantly. Get it FOR FREE! You’ll continue to earn Rewards Points for every purchase, and you can also redeem Rewards.

Download the App Today 

Second Cup Rewards Program Details

Second Cup has a brand new rewards program, and just for signing up, they will give you a free coffee!

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the Second Cup Rewards Program (you can either download the app or pick up a rewards card at any Second Cup location)
  • They will give you 500 free points just for signing up, which is enough for a FREE coffee.
  • Use your card or app as a gift card and redeem your free coffee.
  • Use your card every time you purchase the Second Cup and earn more free coffee!

For every dollar you spend, you will earn 10 points, which equals $0.10.

Five hundred points will get you a FREE coffee, and 1000 points will get you a FREE bag of whole bean coffee!

Sign up For The Second Cup Rewards Program


Click here to find a store near you.

Products you can find at Second Cup.

There are a variety of products you can order online.  Purchase $50 or more, and shipping is free! They include

Whole Bean Coffee

  • Level of Roast
  • Certifications
  • Origins
  • Flavours
  • Swiss Water Decaffeinated


  • Black Teas
  • Green
  • Herbal
  • Flavoured
  • Caffeine Free and Decaffeinated Teas


More than just coffee

Find hot, delicious food here as well. Unique pumpkin treats in the Fall, cinnamon heart cookies, and other mouth-watering gourmet foods at SECOND CUP

Combine that with high-quality products and excellent customer service, and you have a hit.


Cafe Music

Soothing music during the day sets the mood—a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

You will find local artists performing at your nearest Second Cup at night.

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