Top 10 Uses of Baking Soda


Arm Hammer Baking Soda is a common and inexpensive chemical compound that most of us already purchase, but if you are one of the people that do not have this product in your house, you should pick some up because there is a myriad of different uses for Baking soda, the list below will name off 10 of these most popular uses.

Top 10 Uses of Baking Soda

1. Baking– As indicated in its name, Baking Soda is often used in baking, it interacts with an acid and a liquid it releases carbon dioxide bubbles and acts as a leavening agent giving that is great for things like bread.

2. Odor Eliminator– Arm Hammer Baking Soda acts as a wonderful odor eliminator absorbing the bad smell particles, as such; many people keep a box of baking soda in this refrigerator to stop the smells of leftovers and potent vegetables like garlic that are stored there as well. Many people also use it has an underarm deodorant and the popular brand arm and hammer has actually released a line of these deodorants.

3. Mouth Wash– Along the same lines as the odor eliminating properties, many people use baking soda as a mouth wash, or as an additive to their brushing routine by adding a bit to their toothbrush along with some water.

4. Antacid– Having issues with heartburn or indigestion? Simply mix a teaspoon of Arm Hammer baking soda along with one-half the glass of water and drink it, it will help alleviate some of the symptoms such as acid reflux.

5. Stings– Baking soda helps with the itching/swelling caused by bee stings as well as drawing out the poison from jellyfish stings.

6. Skin Irritation – simply putting some baking soda in your bath water will help with any skin discomfort that you may have, it also works wonders on your child’s diaper rashes.

7. Bug Repellent– Baking Soda placed under sinks and along basement windows will help repel those nasty bugs like cockroaches and ants.

8. Low Cost Cleaner-a very low cost cleaner, non-toxic and totally green so great if you have pets and small children, you can use it to scrub your bathroom, walls, mirrors and countertops as an all purpose cleaner, and even stainless steel.

9. Grease Cutter– Add it to your dish water to quickly help remove grease from your pots and pans.

10. Gardening – Scatter some Arm Hammer baking soda around your garden to prevent rabbits from eating your vegetables, you can also yield a sweeter tomato by sprinkling baking soda onto the soil around your tomato plants.

So as you can see Arm Hammer baking soda can help in many aspects of your life, a box of this stuff lasts quite a long time and is definitely a good investment and if you use it in these 10 applications, over time will save you hundreds of dollars.

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