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Arm & Hammer Savings for Canada

Are you looking for Coupons for this brand? Well, unfortunately, there are no physical coupons for Arm & Hammer toothpaste or laundry soap or cat litter for that matter neither in Print or being able to get them mailed to your home.

But this company has moved over to the Rebate Side of Savings

Simply use your Store Receipt to start earning money towards a Rebate ( Moneyback)

It’s free and easy to do with simple instructions:

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Arm Hammer History

Arm and Hammer started as a Baking soda company back in the 1800s. Today they not only have Baking Soda but have expanded into more cleaning products.

Baking Soda has so many different cleaning options, and it’s a good thing this company has used their head and started manufacturing a lot of cleaning products that all use the famous baking soda they once created.

  • Cleaning your teeth with toothpaste & toothbrushes
  • Cleaning your clothing with Laundry soap
  • Cleaning your cats’ litter box with Cat Litter and Freshness
  • Cleaning after Puppy with puppy pads.
  • Cleaning carpets with deodorant

I love Arm Hammer Laundry Detergent I think it’s one of the most economical brands out there that hold up for my family’s laundry. Many times I can find it on sale for less than 10 cents per load, then minus the coupon and I can get for it 7-8 cents per pack – helping my family’s grocery budget stretch further.

I also once in a while purchase Arm Hammer toothpaste. I’m not a huge brand person when it comes to toothpaste – I have to have tried a wide variety and have thought one worked better than another. I tend to buy what is on sale and use coupons when possible.

The one thing I am Brand orientated on is Arm Hammer Baking Soda – It seems I have always bought it when choosing a baking soda.

Prices ( Walmart Regular)

  • Spinbrush™ Pro Whitening Battery Toothbrush $8.88
  • Spinbrush™ Swirl Battery Toothbrush $6.47
  • Spinbrush™ ProClean Sonic Battery Toothbrush $17.98



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