Other than keeping your teeth healthy and white, there are plenty of uses for Crest toothpaste. Imagine how well it might clean and shine other things if it can keep your teeth that white!

10 Practical Uses for Toothpaste

1. Clean jewelry. You don’t need an expensive cleaner to keep your jewelry sparkling. Crest toothpaste works very well as a cleaning and polishing agent for your jewelry, just like it does for your teeth.

2. Caulk. Who needs to run to the hardware store when there are nail holes to fill in? Please don’t waste money on putty or caulk when you can put toothpaste in the spot and smooth it over with your finger.

3. Emergency acne treatment. Dab a bit of toothpaste on that stubborn acne and watch it clear up in record time. This should be a spot treatment, not a whole-face cleanser.

4. Clear up headlights. When your lights start looking dull, they aren’t doing you as much good as they could. Wash your headlights and then “buff” them with toothpaste. Rinse the lights off with water and enjoy!

5. Clean plastic furniture. Plastic furniture can be hard to clean with regular soaps. Spread some toothpaste on the table and then use a damp cloth to rub it in and wipe it off. Your old patio furniture will look new in no time.

6. Buff out scratches. Crest toothpaste is a polishing agent that can remove minor scratches on your vehicle. Any scratches below the paint and into the primer will require more than a quick buff job. Apply toothpaste to the scratch and then “buff” the colour by quickly rubbing the area. The heat and toothpaste combined can heat the paint and remove the scratch.

7. Remove the crayon. Don’t panic when a child colours on your painted walls. Just clean it off with toothpaste (but don’t let them know how easy that was).

8. Polish silver and brass. You can eliminate harsh and expensive cleaners by replacing them with toothpaste. Use this polishing agent just like you would use any other, only smile while doing it because you save yourself a lot of money.

9. Remove water rings. No matter how often you ask them to use a coaster, you still end up with water rings on the table. A dab of paste can take those rings off in record time.

10. Clean clothes. Whether you have a stain on your clothes or the carpet, Crest toothpaste can make it go away. Be careful to test a spot first and avoid bleaching toothpaste unless you clean something white.


There are plenty more uses for Crest toothpaste, but they won’t all fit here. Remember that it is a cleaning and polishing agent that takes care of your teeth. That means it can easily take care of other things as well.

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