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New Pine-Sol Coupon for Canada

  • Save $0.75 off PINE-SOL® Squirt’n Mop OR any PINE-SOL® Scented 1.41L product *Excluding Pine-Sol® Original Scent

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Coupon Expires May 1, 2016

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About Pine-Sol

I think Pine-Sol is mostly known for its Scent. Most people dislike the scent – but actually I kinda secretly like it – Not only does it work but It has that very chemical smell of clean.

In the beginning, it contained Pine oil that was well known back at the beginning of time,

Pine-Sol was invented  in 1929 and acquired by Clorox in 1990

Pine-Sol is marketed worldwide.

Clorox once marketed  Pine-Sol to have a “longer-lasting scent” but consumers didn’t like this at all I guess and they bashed this idea.

This brand’s product mostly for floor cleaners.  It’s designed to move Grease.


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