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If you’re looking for a new in Colgate Oral Care! to try, Colgate has a few free samples of in Colgate Oral Care! that you can request.  This may be toothpaste, toothbrushes and any other product Colgate has.

Request your free sample today and see how different kinds of toothpaste can brighten your smile!

Now is your chance to get a free sample of

  • Colgate PeriGard

Colgate PeriGard 

Experience optimal gum health and oral hygiene with Colgate Perigardtoothpaste. Specially designed to combat bacteria-causing gum disease, it reduces bleeding and inflammation while offering long-lasting plaque protection.

How to Apply to Get a FREE Colgate Sample Perigard

  • Sign in to your  Sampler Account(free if you do not have one!)
  • Answer the few mandatory questions to see if you are eligible
  • Fill in your shipping info if you qualify

Available to Canadians only -16 and older.

**Not everyone will be eligible!! Good Luck!

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Free Sample

    Colgate Toothpaste

    The first product that comes to mind when I hear Colgate is “toothpaste.”

    This company carries a wide range of oral health products, from toothbrushes to mouthwash.

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    Kids Colgate Products

    Maintaining good oral health for our kids can be quite a challenge. Why is it that they dread this simple chore? Is it the perceived effort? The time it takes to brush their teeth? Funny enough, it takes my kids longer to walk to the bathroom than to actually brush their teeth.

    Well, fellow parents, fear not! By teaming up with Colgate, you can conquer this battle. Colgate offers a range of toothpaste for kids featuring their favorite characters like Dora, Transformers, and more. The toothbrushes are equally exciting, featuring famous characters such as Dora, Diego, Transformers, and My Little Pony. For older kids, the Sonic Power Design It series allows them to personalize their toothbrush just the way they want.

    With Colgate as our ally, we can make oral health a fun and enjoyable experience for our little ones. Let’s turn this battle into a victory for their smiles!