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Discover Shopper’s Drug Mart Coupons and Deals. Shoppers Drug Mart has tons of optimum points bonus, and we will be here to help you out.


Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points (Flyer)

Get 20x Points when you spend $50 or more on almost everything in the store, and if you have a PC Financial master card, you can get an extra 5000 points added!


The PC Optimum/ and Flyer Deals with Coupon Matchups.

Thursday is Seniors Day: October 15% Get 20% off regular priced items.

All Week

Get 10000 Bonus Points When you spend $40.00 on Select Tylenol, Bandaid, Benadryl, Listerine, Reactine, Neutragena. 

  • Tylenol $10.99 + Checkout51
  • Nicorette $32.99 + Checkout51
  • Listerine $6.49 + $2.00 Checkout51
  • Reactine +Checkout 51
  • Johnsons Baby $5.49 + 2000 bonus points
  • Huggies Wipes $3.49
  • Polident $3.99
  • Align $32.99
  • Tums 2/ $9
  • Voltaren $16.99
  • Advil $17.99



  • Swiffer Pads $5.99 + Checkout51
  • Gain $4.99 + Checkout51

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Store Online 

More Shoppers Drug Mart Exclusive Optimum points

A few more Optimum Points you may want to take advantage of

  • flu shot

Shopper’s Drug Mart Coupon ( Mobile)

Mobile Bonus SDM

One Time only – Single Use offer

TEXT 20X to 786-898

Shoppers Drug Mart SDM Text offer

Sign up for mobile text exclusive deals and get a coupon for 10,000 PC Optimum* bonus points when you spend $40 or more on your next purchase. That’s a $10 value!

Text the Word “OFFERS” to the number 736-898

Offer available to first-time mobile text subscribers only.

Warning! The offer is only valid for 24 Hours! 



Seniors Discount at Shoppers Drug Mart

Every Thursday, Senior Citizens Save 20% off on Regular Priced Merchandise.


Brand Offers Exclusive Shoppers Drug Mart Store Optimum Points Offers

flu shot

  • Get 2500 PC Optimum Points* when you buy any two (2) participating TYLENOL® products
  • Upgrade to the OneTouch Verio Reflect meter for FREE, 100 OneTouch® Delica Plus® Lancets, and 12,000 bonus points to purchase 100 OneTouch Verio test strips.
  • Get 4,000 PC Optimum Points* when you buy any two (2) participating TENA® products
  • Get 5000 Bonus PC points when you purchase any “Soothe” eye Products.
  • Get 1000 Bonus Pc points when you purchase Schmit Natural Deodorant.
  • Get 2000 Bonus Pc points when you purchase Finish Dishwasher tabs (40)
  • Get 2000 Bonus PC points when you purchase Eucerin Products (select)
  • Get 3000 Bonus PC points when you purchase 2 Dial Body Washes. 
  • Get 10000 Bonus PC points when you purchase 3 John Frieda products.
  • Get 1000 Bonus PC points when you purchase participating Colgate Products.
  • Get 2000 Bonus PC points when you purchase Polident, Poligrip Products. 
  • Get 300 Bonus PC points when you purchase Cadbury, Caramilk products.
  • Get the Latest Online Luxury Beauty Optimum Points Here 

Has this Shoppers Drug Mart Coupon Expired?

Find More Beauty Coupon Here.





shoppers drug mart logo

Shoppers Drug Mart

Some Shoppers Drug Mart Stores in the Greater Toronto area will be stocking their shelves with fresh groceries.

If you are a busy parent, then this could be your latest one-stop-shopping destination.

After a long day at work, who wants to trek all over town to find the things they need.

Shoppers will allow customers to purchase tonight’s dinner as well as diapers, formula, or whatever else you need.

Convenient for those of you that are in Toronto.

Let’s hope that the rest of Canada follows suit.

It has been a little over 3 years since Loblaws purchased Shoppers Drug Mart stores, so this was just a natural progression, I guess.

You will be able to find fresh produce, meats, vegetables, and fruit on your daily visits to Shoppers Drug Mart very shortly if they aren’t already finding their way onto store shelves as we speak.



The Shoppers Drug Mart Brand

Did you know that this company is the leading retailer of beauty, pharmacy, and health products in Canada? More people trust SDM than any other place out there when it comes to these needs.

Optimum Points

Earn points with each purchase you make. Redeem these points on the things you want and need. You have to make a purchase anyway; at least you will be getting rewarded for it.

Look for weekly Optimum Offers that will earn you even more points.

Visit ShoppersDrugMart. Call for a complete list of weekly offers.

What I love best about Shoppers Drug Mart

The Pharmacists! In my hometown, they are the bomb! I love that if my prescription has expired, they can subscribe me a new one – I can get vaccinations, and much more – I love all the personal attention I get with the staff at ours!

I also love all the gals at the beauty counter as well – I find them so helpful – I always feel bad when I’m on the hunt for a new fragrance – but they sure help me find what I would like!

I’m sure not all Shoppers are run like mine – but I do love the staff – I’ve shopped at other stores – and they were all decent as well – but perhaps it’s just because they know me I feel like I get all the attention I need.



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