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If you have ever embarked on a painting project such as the exterior of your home or even a single room, you probably have had some leftover paint that you have no idea what to do with. Here are some tips for using up that leftover Benjamin Moore paints you have sitting in your garage:

11 Uses for Leftover Benjamin Moore Paint

1. Make an accent wall. If you think you have enough Benjamin Moore Paint leftover for a single wall in another room, doing one wall a single color will create a nice dimension to the room without committing to an entire paint job again. This works well, especially if the color is somewhat neutral like tan.

2. Make your furniture pop with stencils. After you are done with a whole room painting project, add a little fun flair with some stenciled art on the furniture in the room to make it match well.

3. Paint your front door. If the color you used is for either exterior or interior, you can paint your front door to add an accent to your home. It doesn’t require a lot of paint to do so.

4. If you like accents take off your electrical outlet covers and paint them with your leftover Benjamin Moore Paints.

5. Go thrift shopping and use your leftover paint to make a new furniture find look new again. Make sure you remove any old paint as it might contain lead, depending on how old the piece was.

6. Paint the insides of cupboards or closets. It will add a great color burst to an area that is usually dull and give it some character.

7. Use leftover Benjamin Moore Paint as a primer for another project. Primer is an unnecessary expense when it comes to embarking on a darkly shaded painting project. As long as the color you have leftover is white, gray, off-white or tan (or as long as it is not darker than the final color), you can use leftover paint, instead.

8. If you have a couple different shades of leftover Benjamin Moore Paint, you could try mixing your own together to create a perfect shade for an accent on a bookshelf. Just make sure they are the same kind of paint i.e. don’t mix acrylic with another base or you may end up with streaking or the paint not mixing together properly.

9. Get some clay pots and paint them with stencils or just solid colors to add flair to your outdoor gardening this spring.

10. Purchase some blank canvases and create your own art. This is a great way to use up leftover Benjamin Moore Paint with the kids as they will have fun making their own paintings. If you want more art deco or plain accents for your walls, try just painting the blank canvases solid and adding small accents like swirls.

11. Save some for touch-ups. You may find that you have areas where paint chips or comes off or a spot you missed. Using the Benjamin Moore Paint that you have leftover for touch-ups is a great way to use it up, especially if you don’t have much left. Pay attention to when you should throw it out though by adding a date to when it was first opened on top. While many paints can be used for several years, it is always a good idea to know rather than guess.

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