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As Bertolli olive oil becomes more popular for obvious reasons, more and more uses are found for it. Because it is edible, olive oil can be used for any application that might eventually end up in someone’s mouth and it doesn’t hurt the body to absorb it.

 10 Practical Uses for Bertolli Olive Oil

1. Oil treatment. If you hair seems a bit dry and conditioners aren’t cutting it or you just need something a little extra, use olive oil to do a hair treatment.

2. Lice treatment. Along with making your hair extra shiny, olive oil smothers lice. Keep in mind that lice are capable of not breathing for an extended period of time, so it’s best if you leave it on for a few hours or even overnight. For a faster acting method, add tea tree oil to the olive oil before applying it to your hair.

3. Furniture polish. Remember the part about olive oil being edible? Teething children sometimes like to sink their teeth into chairs and tables. Olive oil adds a great natural finish and you don’t have to worry about your toddler ingesting chemicals.

4. Naturally clean. Olive oil is a great way to remove grease from any surface, including your hands. You can clean up after working on the car without using harsh chemicals.

5. Exfoliate and moisturize. Add some salt to your olive oil for a great exfoliant that moisturizes at the same time. This works well on your face as well as other areas of your body.


6. Makeup Remover. Bertolli Olive oil quickly removes makeup and moisturizes your skin at the same time. It even works on mascara, though you want to be sure to give your lashes a good rinse before opening your eyes.

7. Recondition leather. Just like olive oil can moisturize your skin, it can moisturize other skin as well, like leather belts or baseball mitts. Simply work the oil into the leather for a softer, shinier, more flexible leather that will last longer.

8. Remove paint. Whether you have paint in your hair, on the table, or in a paintbrush, use olive oil to quickly and safely remove it without harshly scrubbing the area.

9. Prevent hairballs. For shiny coat and fewer hairballs, add a bit of olive oil to your pet’s water. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

10. Smooth Shave. Olive oil makes a great replacement for shaving cream. You might even get a closer shave than you would with soap or shaving cream and your skin gets moisturized at the same time.

It’s easy to eliminate a lot of the chemicals that you use on a daily basis if you just replace them with olive oil. Test the uses for Bertolli olive oil by going camping and seeing how many items you can replace with it. Shaving cream, conditioner, cooking spray, and many other items will be removed from your backpack!

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10 Practical Uses for Olive Oil |